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Toilet troubles!

Im sorry for asking but im not sure what i can do. I havent been to the loo (for a poo :eek:) for about a week. I am using psyllium husks in some of my shakes, im also using Fibresure and last night i took two senokot but still nothing! (ive also drunk lots of water to try and flush things through)
i dont feel like i really want to go, but obviously i do need to at some point!
what can i do to help myself!

Thanks :eek::D
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Poor you. Try a ducolax (only one though to start with.) Senna is very gentle and you may need something stronger. I use ducolax every so often too
thanks jelly. think i might nip out at lunch to get some. hope it works!


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Hmmmm, do you usually go regularly ie every day? I usually go once or twice a day but since cd its every 2 days, you are taking less in so less needs to come out and if you dont feel you need to go I personally wouldn't worry, I'm sure with all the laxatives you will go before long!!!

As twinkle said less in = less out but a week is a long time though. After 5/6 days I take one if i'm having trouble and works everytime


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Also FibreSure or whatever it is called is only to prevent constipation, it will NOT make you go... you need something stronger for that and then continue with the fibre when you are sorted
ah ha! thanks guys. I usually 'go' most days and i was fairly regular on week 1 of SS but have become less regular since week 2. i used to eat a lot of fruit, veg and wholemeal pasta which i think kept me regular but obviously my body has decided to dig its heels in and wont play ball and let me go!! lol. its throwing a tantrum because im on CD! lol
hopefully ill be all clear soon xxx
Ditto the husks. They should only be used when you are .... empty. I found Movicol really good. It's a lot more gentle than some of the others. I've run out of it now and with only a month to go, didn't want to buy another box so have got some Senakot.

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