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Toilet Troubles

:wave_cry: Ummm please excuse the personal question but is anybody else experiencing toilet troubles? Without giving TMI, in my pre-SW days I was a regulare number two-er half an hour after breakfast every day without fail.

Since joining SW a week and a half ago my daily visits to the porcelain god have diminished and I'm lucky if it is every 3 days - surely this is not healthy :eek:.

I assume it is down to the change in diet. I have been doing the SP plan so I can have 2 HEB's and I have been picking free foods with the F symbol next to it in the hopes it will get things moving but it doesn't seem to be making much difference. I even had a super hot curry on my Friday treat night which normally keeps me occupied in the bathroom for a good while the following morning but NOTHING! I must have such a backlog (so to speak) I'll be gaining weight at this rate!!!

Any ideas on how to get things moving whilst staying on plan before I explode?!!

Thank you
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Are you drinking plenty of water? Maybe try some prunes or scan bran and make sure you drink lots of fluids.
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If you are making sure that you are getting plenty of fibre, you may need to increase your fluid consumption as it will become a little more problematic and less mobile.
Ask yourself the question of whether there is an element of pain (after beginning the plan) in your movements and if yes then that is a sure sign that you are not hydrated properly.

You said you started SW a week and a half ago but I notice you are already hitting the SP plan. Is there any particular reason for this?
The SP plan is normally something to get an existing member to turbo-boost their losses after the rhythm of the EE plan has become slightly diminished over time or if they have had a heavy week/christmas period etc.
As a new member, you may find it interesting to use the EE plan and see how much flexibility you have and still have plenty of losses. The rigidity of the SP plan may lead to boredom over longer periods, especially if you started with the SP plan!

It is always a case of do what feels good for you but you may want to save the SP plan as a trick up your sleeve for when you get closer to your target as your losses do slow down over time. :)
Thank you both - I could probably do with upping the water intake, I've always been a bit rubbish at making sure I drink enough so that could be it. I'll give it a go and see what happens.

I started on the SP plan because I thought that was how I was supposed to start! I joined as an online member as I don't have the time to go meetings and looking at the website I assumed that was where I was supposed to start. I hadn't realised it was just for a boost!
S: 20st2lb C: 10st13.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 22 Loss: 9st2.5lb(45.57%)
Ah okay, SP is designed as a turbo button that you use to mitigate any gains if you are going to have a big evening out with lots of syns or you have lost your groove and need to get back into it.

The Extra easy (or EE) plan is designed to allow you to cook one meal for the entire family which is healthy and not have to segregate your food from everyone else.
This can be especially important if you have young children as always dieting can be restrictive and may give the wrong impression about body image to some children, especially with the heavily airbrushed magazines.
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Thanks Phoenix - no children to worry about so no impressionable minds to ruin in my house. I cook my husband the same meals that I am having so no faffing around making more than one meal either. I'm finding the SP quite easy, I've been substituting beans for potatoes (bean or chick pea mash type of thing) and using courgette strips instead of pasta or cauliflower rice instead of cauliflower. I understand what you are saying though so I've started on EE and will keep SP in reserve for booster help when needed :)
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All I can say is drink, drink and more drink! For me, I find tea gets the plumbing moving a bit faster? So give that one a go.
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I must admit, i am the total opposite. More regular now on slimming workd than ever before, but I have increased my fluid intake about 300%! I dont drink plain water a lot as I find it boring, no added sugar squash is my BFF!
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I've heard this is an issue with SW, from an Aunt of all people when I did the plan last year. It is most likely to have been caused by the change in diet and the (often) very increased veg intake. I've also heard it being discussed unofficially in a WW group. Keep going with protein and fibre and it should sort itself out. If it hasn't cleared up within a month consider seeing your doctor.

TMI but let's say nearly this time last year my body seemed to hate me for actually living fairly healthily, now it does react similarly if I eat junk food or fizz drinks (which I seem to have grown intolerant of.
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I had this problem when I first did SW but it did sort it self out after a while - think it was the change in what I was eating. One tip I had was - without TMI - use a stool to put your feet on when you're trying to go, it apparently opens up your 'plumbing' making it easier to go. There's lots on the Internet about it. Sorry about being over familiar but if it helps ... Hope it sorts itself out

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