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Told By Chemist To Refeed, But Won't Be At My Ideal Weight !!


Had 10th WI today & only have 3 lbs to go to reach target weight of 10 stones ( which was set by the chemist & NOT me !!! ) . I actually wanted to get down to 9 stones 7 lbs which was my weight before I had 2nd daughter 7 years ago, & according to the LT website, I COULD go as low as this for a healthy BMI.
Has anyone else had same problem ? Surely it should be MY decision as to my target weight & NOT the chemist ?
I've tried all the maintenance products, but don't like any of them & no other diet has ever worked for me before that I could use to lose the last half stone.
Does anyone have any suggestions ?
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Try another chemist in your area, perhaps?


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Hi hun your BMI does seem pretty impressive! I lost 10lb refeeding and if you lost that you would be much less that may be why your pharmicist thinks you should stop! I was told 2 square into a healthy bmi range is as far as you should go. If you refeed you may lose, no reason why you cant x


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dont take any crap from the chemist, remember u are paying for his service and drinks, so dont let him bully him, u get to what u want because if u dont u wont be as happy with yourself as u are now, put your foot down, if that fails hit him ah ah ah


Says it as it is!!!
Saying that ignore what i just wrote .. YOUR BMI IS AT THE LOWEST THEY ARE ALLOWED TO LET YOU GO, OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE CLASSED AS UNDERWEIGHT ... do the refeed and you will be suprised at what you can lose...like TJ says she lost 10lbs on refeedxxx i deleted what i wrote


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Thanks for your advice everyone, I'll just have to hope that I do lose the last few lbs when refeeding !!!
Tracy was going to do a diary, she lost another 10 lbs on refeed and is now maintaining, which i'm sure will help you to get to your goal :)


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No probs i will do guys xxx


Thanks a lot, Tracey ! I'm a bit scared of refeeding to be honest as I don't really want to eat the amount of food suggested on the refeeding plan !!
Thanks everyone else as well for your replies as I feel a bit more confident now, that I CAN lose these last few lbs ! I know it seems silly to worry about a few lbs, but I'm an all or nothing girl !! I know that if I don't get to the exact weight that I want to be, then I'll end up going back to my old eating habits & putting all the weight back on, if that makes sense ?


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Yeah it does make sense hun, i stopped before target and felt better when i hit it! It is scary but i just followed refeed really strictly xx

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