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Tollerated Foods

I've not found a section in the book on tolerated foods...as far as I can tell it seems the tolerated foods were an after-thought by Dukan... as Jo would say

"to pander to the masses"


I'm sure someone will have the list??
Why cant things just be simple? Put it in the book Dukan! :mad:
There's not a list in the book, the diet has been rejigged to make it 'English-user'-friendly (a lot of stuff on the list is harder to find in the UK - all the 0% stuff for ex).

Jo posted a list of tolerated items, the only ones I remember are v low fat cheese ( 1 portion - 30g of less than 6% fat), 1 tbs cornflour, 100 gr rhubarb on a PP day. I'm sure if you search 'tolerated items - dukan' on the net, you'll find something (I found a French list - that I didn't keep, but could no doubt find again - but that wouldn't work for UK supermarkets so well).
what would I do without you ladies. Thank you very much.

So only ONE tolerated food per day?

You're allowed 2, but I rarely use both (only on rhubarb and custard days!)

Advise is to use them in case you are about to crack for something non-Dukan-friendly, I believe. Also to limit/avoid if you're not losing weight so well.
When I first started i ate a fair amount of fruit yogurt and I use soy sauce a few times a week (but have cut it whilst things have slowed down the past 2 weeks). Oh and wine in cooking now and then too.
Absolutely, rhubarb and custard is one of the high points of my week!


** Chief WITCH **
I still have never tasted rhubarb... one thing though girls - eating "abnormally" for a bit really sorts out the old slow transit!! haaaaa!

OK tolerated foods. I think everyone has said it. Avoid until you're really about to chew your arm off and need a quick fix!

The whole yoghurt thing is confusing I know. Fat free fruit flavoured yoghurts (no pieces of fruit) are unlimited... on attack, on cruise, no limit (just the 1L limit on dairy to respect, but I don't think anyone gets near that anyway). Muller Lite vanilla and toffee I believe fall in this category (but the pots are HUGE so don't go crazy and have three in a given day as I have seen!!)

Then there are fat free yoghurts with pieces of fruit in. These aren't ok on attack, but are restricted to two per day in Cruise, count as two tolerated items, and therefore you cannot have another tolerated item that day.

I begrudge "spending" on tolerated things - perhaps the odd spoonful of cornflour at the weekend for a specific dessert... but otherwise? Must we? Soonest off the diet and onto Conso I'd have thought and every slip up takes that day further away... (not that tolerated items necessarily equal slip up... but they are leading in that direction for some of us of course!)

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