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hi, yes it is free


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hi, i asked this earlier and was told it was 0.5 syn per table spoon...... :-/// x


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hi just checked in my book & ur right it's 1/2 a syn per tbsp, they are always changing things arent they ^^


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yeah they are, its annoying when u want to plan a syn free meal then they tell you you've had syns.....grrr lol xx
I've just come on to ask this question too because I was sure it was now free but I asked a freind the other day and she said it wasn't.
I was just looking at a recipe on the SW site that had tomato puree in it and it said the whole recipe was free on EE so TP mustn't have any syns in it!
Can anyone comfirm this?
I think of it as zero syns but not free
if you were to eat a neat tbsp then it would cost 1/2 syn (bleurgh!)

but usually I add 1 tbsp to a dish which feeds 3-4, so I'm having a 1/3rd or a 1/4 of 1/2 a syn...which I'm willing to see as negligible, and so zero if not actually free IYKWIM

if however you guzzle a whole tube to yourself then you should syn it!

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