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Tomato soup

Not sure. But I microwaved mine as it wasn't hot enough and the white stuff became really think and weird. But I still ate it. I quite like the tomato soup. Can't really see why it should be prepared differently to the other soups. It's much easier though without messing about with bowls and blenders.
i dont blend or shake it .. i just stir hot water into it.. but for some reason i get this weird stuff on top and it sticks to my throat. i have been told that i am making it wrong.. so i need to read the sachet properly!
So it shouldn't do any harm if I blend it? Iv tried it stirring it and blending and I prefer blending, do u's think it'll b ok if I carry on blending it? Xx
My CDC told me to whisk the powder with cold water for 2 minutes till the White foam on top disappeared then add hot water slowly, still mixing. It worked and I wouldn't touch soups b4 as I can't stand lumps!
They tell you not to shake them hot at they tend to explode. Not sure about blending I bled all of mine and nothing has gone wrong, think it's health and safety gone mad (if they splash you or explode you might put a claim in) but I would never use a sealed blender again (smoothy maker type) now that did explode l&p soup all over my kitchen had to repaint hubby was not happy lol x

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