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Tomatoe soup


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We had a tastier of the tomatoe soup at the group tonight.
Now where do I begin, The smell was divine smelt yummy
the colour, mmmm radioactive, kind of cerise and the taste was well tastless. That was the general idea of all the group, it is coming out mid april so my suggestion is on the 1st week they are introduced just try the one and see for yourselves.
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im not convinced on this one tbh. tomatoe cupasoup is gross and i cant imagine this would be much better. However i may be tempted to try one, just incase ;)


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heard these were coming out! quite looking forward to it as I don't like any of the soups at all and am eager to find one I might like. lol


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guess when i finish.... MID APRIL... haha
RTM tho eh?
xxx :p
I tasted this tonight too.... can't say I was impressed, although I only ever eat 28 choc shakes so ummm... might be something to do with the fact I don't like soup?! :rolleyes:


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28 choc shakes??? dont you get bored?????


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i thought all the soups were tasteless without lo salt and plenty of pepper so it would be worth a try with seasoning.
i thought all the soups were tasteless without lo salt and plenty of pepper so it would be worth a try with seasoning.

I have to add a lot of salt to the soups - particulary the veg, and the....no....all of them! lol I had really hoped to cut down my use of salt on this diet but that doesn;t seem to be working. :rolleyes::D

Maybe I will try the lo-salt next time I shop. But they do need salt, and I actually like them all. Except the Tahi - which initially was my favourite - I have gone off it slighlty. Tired one again this week, and it was OK, so maybe it will work its way back in. :)


Happily pro pointing!
definitely try the lo-salt, I never really noticed any difference in taste and it is so much better for you.
It also has lots of potassium which is good for you.

Deb G

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Hmmm.....the only tomato soup I've EVER liked is Heinz's or my own. Tomato doesn't seem to translate into a sachet very easily! Won't rush to try THAT one!


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we will be almost finished RTM by then Deb, so I probably won't bother.
My LLC said it has taken years for the tomato soup cos it doesn't taste enough like Heinz, in all the previous trials nobody liked it much.
Have to say though, I don't like Heinz, either homemade or covent garden for me.
Well perhaps it will be better with a dash of tabasco. Thanks for sharing that with us, its nice to know to only try one first and not waste your dosh.;)

I must say I always thought the cup of soup always looked anemic.:D

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