Tomatoes 'stop you getting fat'

Discussion in 'News' started by Jim, 4 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    Interesting, I must admit I love a bowl of home made tomato soup.

    Link Here
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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    That's really interesting. Cheers Jim

    Did you know that to release more lycopene, you are better having tinned tomatoes, and cook them in oil? Better than raw from a lycopene viewpoint :clap:
  4. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    I didn't KD, but my happy coincidence I use chopped tinned plum tomato's for my soup. :D
  5. Andys74

    Andys74 Majorie Dawes' lovechild

    I read this - I'm glad tinned tomatoes are just as good if not better - I don't know what I would do without them - although before my dieting days it was probably the pasta underneath and the cheese on top that did the damage !!!
  6. Purple_Star

    Purple_Star Silver Member

    Tomatoes are one of my favourite foods and I eat them every day, so this is good news for me. The problem is, my weight problem had nothing to do with hunger, so feeling full wouldn't have helped if you know what I mean, that didn't stop the emotional eating.
  7. vgstar44

    vgstar44 Full Member

    Im not that keen on the good old tomato.

    Not too bad when cooked but vile if not. :(
  8. Spannerwanner

    Spannerwanner technologically ignorant

    Have you noticed that they always test these sorts of things on people of normal weight and then declare something to be the answer to obesity. I wish they'd test stuff on fat people who may well react totally differently.

    I'm practically vegan when I eat normally and have tomatos in most of my meals and it's never stopped me being fat yet!

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