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Tommorrow it is

lol mmmm crisp sarnies..... did ya see my post on your diary? i think it was your diary anyway... sayin bout how its funny we both ended up on the same diet after all that faffing around last year! Hope its working for you as well as it has for me this week! Never done WW before but this week has been like a breath of fresh air to me! Loving the whole WW philosophy! xx
PS we WILL get back into our skinny summer clothes that we bought last year (dont know bout u but I had outgrown mine by the time summer properly hit- doh!) x


finding my way again !
yeah, mine are gathering dust now :eek:, hit THE birthday (& by the way the dress looked fab) & then it all went down hill. Really need to get a grip !
Ahhh yes, the dress! Bet you looked stunning hun! We shall be back in that place once again mate, you mark my words! Hope things with your bloke are going well workwise and the business planning etc is proving successful! x


finding my way again !
it going good so far, its just getting it all done !
got some special printing papper tp do logos on their t-shirts, the fliers are being printed & business cards on order. Bank manager on Weds & then get a van & get working :sigh: (all this & he has man flu, which he won't give into)
thanks for your wishes
Hello Pandora and welcome! You can do this, keep on truckin...


finding my way again !
i love my porridge, i make it half milk & half water, with sweetener & honey mmmmmmmm.
just had ryvitta & tuna & a muller light - not a crisp sarnie in sight :eek: :rolleyes:
Sounds yummy!
I do my porridge all with milk (skimmed of course!) never thought of water as an option, must try it!

I have had a weird day today being at uni from 12-2 and then went to supermarket to get the food in, so only just got back and am starving! So have some venison sausages cooking (only 1.6g sat fat in 2) they work out at only 1 point each :eek: which is brilliant! They werent cheap but they smell delicious! So Im going to have a few of them in a bit when they come out. On their own- not with anything, as weird as that is! I dont want to spoil all the flavour with bread or potato so I plan to just enjoy each one.

Oh and I have had a packet of baked and a creme egg too. The creme egg was worth every point- all 3.5 of them! Keep it up hun xxx
Best of luck:D you can do it lovely lady;)

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