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Tomorrow Is A New Week


time to get focused


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You can do it, hun - we both can. I'm meeting up with a bunch of former colleagues in July (exact date is still to be confirmed) who all watched me lose weight on Cambridge the first time around - watched me shrink nearly 6 stones (of which I've put about 3 back :sigh:).

I don't want them thinking, "Ha! Knew she'd put it all back on!"

Nope, not having that. Bring it on! Here's to a slim and gorgeous summer!



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I'm sure you can do it. have you read the Beck book - its really helpfull. And don't wait for tomorrow - jump back on the wagon right now;-)


time to get focused
Party Girl No.1 said:
That's ok. Just draw a line under it now and only eat/ drink according to Cambridge from now on. No time like the present x :)
Just got bak on the wagon, had first shake despite having bacon and mushroom for brekkie xx


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Well that's not a problem if that's all you had, cos both of those are low carb foods.

You'll be back in ketosis in no time! :clap:

So far I'm doing okay today... :cross:
Everyone blips but the sooner you get back to CD the less damage you'll do to your weightloss. Have you got the beck book? It's really good and will help prevent the unplanned eating and explain why not going on a massive blowout us key. Credit to you on getting back on the wagon x

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
It £6 there for paperback, bought it fo £2.99 in the works in hardback.


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Its really good Sam - a lot of it is stuff we all know - but seeing it written down really made me tink (and admit that was me!!). The bit i was referring to was don't let a blip send you on a binge - ie just cos you ate don't carry on eating for the rest of the day - get straight back on - which you have - and minimise the damage.

For me thats really how all my weight went on - I feel as if I have been on a diet for 20 years - but everytime I had a blip it would be stuff my face until the next day because I had ruined it for the day..then it was stuff my face for the rest of the week and I will start again on sunday...then stuff my face til the end of the month (sometimes from day 15 or 16) and then I'll start again - and so for 20 years of dieting I had 7 stones on ;-(

I can't wait to hear all about your sky dive - I missed out on a trip in a hawk 9 years ago (the same plane the red arrows fly) because of my weight - and i'll never get that chance again ;-(

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