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Hi all, my name is Rosie and tomorrow is the date i return to L.L. to begin my journey to a new me once and for all!!
l started with L.L. last april 07 and got on great in my 12wks with a loss of 3st 4lbs, BUT thinking i could do it
by myself, i did not start management! what a mistake i made, i've now found myself 2st heavier through my so called mainainance plan!!!
SOOOO this time i will do it by the book, i know the plan works, i loved the feeling of losing weight and feeling good about myself, will be interesting to hear from anyone else who has been there 2nd time around or is thinking about it!!
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Hi rosie,

Glad to see you are back to put things right:)

Oh well a new day today, so good luck on you NEW journey and come and join us on the main board.

There is loads of support there.;)
Hi, you have done so well on your weightloss and goals. Yes there certainly seems to be lots of support on this site, which i think will help me tremendously!!
Looking forward to bieng a regular poster on L.L. boards. Thank you for your best wishes.
Rosie. xx
Hi Rosie - Good luck on your LL journey.

I like you didnt follow the maintenance plan (when will we learn?!) - Christmas got in the way, and before I knew it I'd got myself some very bad habits! I've gained approx 2.5 stone since the end of last year and also thought I'd restart as I know the plan worked so well for me the first time around.

I restarted yesterday (I tried restarting last week but didnt fare so well - this week I'm hoping for better things from myself!) and am feeling positive. As long as I can get to Day 4 without cheating then I know I can go the whole journey.

And you can do it too. Fingers crossed for us both! Good luck :)

Hiya, well here's to doing it together! I agree 1st 4/5 days are hell but once past that post you know within yourself that you can go the whole way, this time also completing the management phase too!!Lets keep in touch and support each other on our journey.
Fingers crossed also for us both, we can do it, good luck. Rosie xx
Hi me again, on looking at your ticker [how do you set these up?] we have the same weight to lose, xx
Got my packs tonight at class so tomorrow wednesday will be my day 1, was yesterday your day 1? I was a bit anxious of going tonight as i felt i was trotting back with my tail between my legs but it was all super, no comments or judgement about having put back on the 2 st, just straight down to business!
I will give ticker factory a go !
Hi Rosey, I'm joining you as a returner. I put 19lbs since losing Lighter Life but I only have 4 weeks of packs left, so I'm gonna try and do it for a month. I've been calorie counting but it's half hearted so I've basically been losing and gaining the same 3lbs which I'd be happy with if I were trying to maintain, but I'm not!!!
Hi Rosie - Monday was my first day. My LL counsellor was great too, we sat down and decided whether going back to packs was the right thing for me etc.

Today is Day 3 and so far so good. Yesterday I was ready to bite my arm off or punch someone (luckily the OH was away in Holland!) but today it seems to have settled down again. I'd forgotten how horrible the first few days are.

Unfortunately Friday is the OH's birthday and we're going to a very posh restaurant in London for dinner, so I shall be having a planned lapse then, but apart from that I'm intending to stick to plan all the way back to size 10 :)

How did Day1 go?

Marcy xxx
Hi Marcy, well i've just had my first shake + 1ltr water so i'm on my way to my size 10/12s!!! Focusing on getting to sat/sun when i know i'll be past this rough time.
You would think that having a meal [and it is a special meal] early on in your plan should not hold you back any, you seem to have everything worked out as to where you want to get to with your weightloss so go out and enjoy and get back on track next day!
Hope today goes well for you.
Rosie xx
Hi yo yo, goodto see i'm not the only returner to L.L. Part of me felt such a failure having lost all that weight then thinking i knew everything, which i obviously didn't, starting putting it back on! However i feel i did learn something from counselling and that was to think about where i am at this time,where i want to be and move on.
I agree with you, take your months packs which would see you lose your 19lbs then go onto your calorie controled plan to maintain.
Rosie. xx
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Hi Rosie, Yo-Yo

Rosie - you're right, going out for dinner is a really dumb idea so early on in my re-journey (ok, my words, not yours but I got the gist!) but unfortunately the restaurant is booked and my OH is really looking forward to it. In my first foundation journey I didnt sway once, but this time its only the 2 of us for a birthday dinner, so I havent really got a choice. I'll just try to make good choices (fish, salad etc) and get back on track the following day. It's very annoying that I'll have just got into ketosis to get knocked out again so quickly. But the alternative was to have yet another week of 'dieting', gain another 7lbs and then find another excuse next week not to go back to LL!

Yo-yo - hello there. I think we started LL about the same time last year. Good luck on your new journey :)

So girls - let's encourage each other as much as possible. The upside is - we know what to expect and we know it works. The downside is - we know what to expect!! :D We can do it. Here's to us and our new slimmer selves.
Well, I started today and stuck to it. I set off to work really early (5:45am) so I didn't have time for anything before I set off. I did take a bar with me just in case I got so hungry I was thinking of packing it in, but I haven't needed it. I've had my four litres of water already (amazingly I had three litres without the water flavourings!!) and just the one food pack (mushroom soup). I haven't been that hungry, no growling, disabling hunger pangs or anything, but it's early days. I know I just have to get through tomorrow and then ketosis should arrive on Friday and then I'll stop feeling hungry after that
;)Well done all you girls keep it up.
Blimey yo-yo - what's your secret?? I've had all 4 packs by 5pm every day!

I'm not allowed bars yet - i have to get into ketosis before I'm allowed them, and I remember from the first time round that if I have to have 4 packs (no bars) I get quite ratty :cry:Tomorrow is Day 4 and I have a pop-in tomorrow morning so am hoping I'll be getting into ketosis and will be allowed NUT BARS. I love 'em!
Hi Marcy, no no i didn't think the meal was a dumb idea i just meant that it was lucky it was right at beginning of your plan where it is easier to get back on track next day rather than half way through your journey!
How has today gone for you?
YESSSSSSSSS!!! Got through day 1 fine. Got weighed this morning - was 11st 13.6lbs yesterday, and today I am 11st 10.2lbs - 3.4lbs off in one day - excellent!!!
well done yo-yo, thats great incentive to get you through rest of week. I was 170lbs yesterday and 170.8lb but could be sudden fluid intake as was not a great one for water before. Looking for a loss tomorrow!! Rosie xx

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