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Green Days Tomorrows menu......

What do yas think.......

Im having a green day tomorrow:

Cereal (Healthy B)
Milk (Healthy A)

Jacket potatoe with beans
Muller light

Tuna (Health b)
Extra light mayo 2 tble spoons (1 syn)

(dont worry i wont keep doing this haha) xx

You can afford to have some more syns
Looks good to me :) so take you still have 14 syns to play with for the day? mmm love jacket with beans and cheese good luck and hope you keep to it
Well our leader said to only have 10 syns a day! :( i no i can have more syns so i might have a packet of french fries or something lol dont know yet see were my mood takes me :)

Thats the way to do it!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Our leader is of the 15 syns a day persuasion! And I'm behind her all the way! When my weightloss slows then I'll cut back to 10.
Totally agree, if your just starting I would do 15 syns a day. Your consultant shouldn't be limiting your syns already, thats a bit strange.

I thought 1 tablespoon of extra light mayo was 1 syn and its only a half so thank you :)
1 tbsp Hellmanns extra light is 0.5 syns Joanne. I have it all the time!
I agree with the others, you need to be eating more fruit and veg...you shouldnt have to be hungry on this plan!
Deffo, eat some more fruit and veg - especially on green days. Why not do a big tray of roast veg and toss it in with the pasta? A fresh fruit salad with vanilla Muller Light drizzled over for dessert? These are the foods that will help push those carbs through your body and help your weight loss along. And I agree about the syns - def start at 15/day and then if you start plateauing you can cut down to 10 to give you a boost again.

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