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toning up ?

Wee Doll

Silver Member
Hi Mate

I have a few exercise DVDs now but the one I think works best at toning me up all over is 'Davina super body workout'. I do the 'super sculp' workout from this with the added 10 mins of abs work, and have really noticed a difference in my tummy, bingo wings, bum and thighs (well.......pretty much everywhere).

It isn't a jumping around one, just lots of squats and repetition, but I love it and really see a difference



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The Plank where you are on your front, toes on the floor and lower arms on the floor. Keep yourself straight and hold it for count of 20. Supposed to be better than crunches.

Read the other day that standing on one leg works your tummy too so am trying to do that whilst cleaning my teeth.......no doubt I'll be reporting an accident soon


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And wow look at your 4 weeks loss!!!! Doing well!!!!


Wishing and hoping!
Davina is excellent for me, only just started again using it this week. Although had to stop as it f**king kills the first time you do it but eventually using muscles again it gets better and a real buzz after sweating and aderaline surge :)

Wee Doll

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ive started back to horse riding there last weekend and i go every sat, it helps to tighten your bum and stomach muscles too ... i swear i was soo sore all week, i wonder how i done this for years :S lol
I was going to say the plank as well....that definitely works!!

The best one I found, and it really works out your lower and upper abs (it gave an actual defined ab line!!) is as follows...

1. Lay on your bed across the ways stretched out on your back
2. Put your arms stretched out behind you and hold on to the frame, or matress...you should already feel this stretching your abs
3. Then both legs together lift about six inches off the bed...hold for seconds and then seperate your legs out as far as you can still holding at about six inches.
4. Bring your legs back to the original position and then slowly lower them back down to the bed....do not drop your legs down as this loses the work out on the lower abs.

Try it and you will see it is a great work out and harder than it sounds!! Well done on your loss so far chick :D


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