Too Big To Walk, C4...Tonight, late!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Has anybody been watching this on Channel 4 - it comes on quite late, approx, 11pm?

Watched it for the first time last night but didn't catch the beginning so am not sure if it has been on for longer but I do know that it is on again tonight.

Fascinating programme about 5 (may have been 6! :confused: ) obese people who have undertaken the challenge of walking from one end of the country to the other, in 8 weeks, and following a diet and nutrition plan as they go. Their courage and sheer determination is such an inspiration to watch and against this back drop there is one individual within the group who is finding excuse after excuse not to continue.

On one occasion she dropped out of doing the work due to "injury" but then got glammed up to go out clubbing on her own...claiming that there isn't anything wrong with her ears! :eek: If you did watch it....were you thinking the same as me that she was taking the biscuit?

Very, very good programme....the thing I liked about it most is that they are just left to self-monitor and only meet up with the Fitness & Nutrition expert every 2 weeks who sets them individual goals and then they just get on with it. However, because they are all in it together they are drawing on the group support and motivation and all doing really well...except....yep, the "Nightclub Queen"!! :) At the end of last night's episode she went home for the weekend claiming that she was missing her kids too much to stay and would come back...of course, tonight we get to find out whether or not she really does return!!

Catch it if you can.....
I already know diva lol

this was on a few weeks ago - good viewing

won't spoil it for you - would have liked an update as to how they are doing now :)

Happy watching :D
Oh, didn't realise that it's a repeat....will also check to see if it's available on Replay as I'd really liked to have seen all of it...
Yeh iv seen it too its good seeing all there highs and of course the lows. I know it would of killed me to do what they did so I have great admiration for them to even attempt it.

I saw it last nite for the first time...have to say, I kind of felt a bit uncomfortable with the attitude that girl displayed (the one with the fake injury and the lies about wat she was told to do), I think there were probably a lot of people who would have liked to do that program, and she got a chance to and it just taking the p*ss....

It is very interesting though...
its on now!
I must be nuts because i really liked Hayley...the 'lazy' one...

Ah i worship the underdog anyways...its in my nature