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too early to move up the plans? advice please.

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Hi everyone. i would really appreciate some advice as im really not sure what the best thing to do is. :confused:
I have been doing ss for about 5 weeks but this last week i did an SS+ week as ive been feeling really low and have been really struggling to keep focused. I have had a much better week because of doing SS+ but i still dont know how much longer i can go on without going off the rails and ruining all my hard work.:sigh:
I am currently 10 lbs away from goal which would be my BMI 25 (although its WI in the morning so im not sure what i'll have lost by then). Anyway, my CDC says that once i reach BMI 25 i can start moving up the plans and doing Maintenance. The thing is, i am really in danger of just finishing early (like i did last time) and not doing re-feeding and things properly.
And so, what i was thinking of doing is asking her if i can start going up the plans now (as i know it takes a number of weeks) and hopefully getting to goal that way (albeit a bit slower)
then, i was going to go back to Slimming World to lose maybe another half a stone or so. The thing about slimming world is that the plan really suits me and i can lose weight (slowly) but also the continued group motivation will really help me in the long run as i will still go to group and stay on the plan even when i do get to my target.
i hope this all makes sense. i know that CD is fantastic and gives quick results but i dont want to blow things by just giving up now (and im really feeling that way). i want to do the whole maintence thing early and go to SW to finish off the last few pounds. its not like i have loads left to lose and im not being dillusional thinking i can lose x-amount of stone on my own (cos i know i cant).
i really really hope that im making sense!

so, do you think it would be wise to start maintenance early or risk falling off the wagon alltogether?
what a dilemma!!

(and many thanks for any suggestions. they are most welcome) :D
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of course you can go into maintence early...you will still loose weight on the lower steps too!! you should focus on refeeding as the results will last! once your bmi is 25 you go up to 810...which is what i can gather is the reccomended time to move up anyway! x x x


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Hi Keelie, I think you're being really sensible and listening to your body. You've done so well, it would be a real shame to jack it all in because you are trying to fight what you body needs - and from you post it looks like you need to start going up the plans.

You can have very good losses on 810, and some people stay on the 1200 plan to get to goal. Like you say, it may take a little longer but you may feel better for the extra calories. Another plus is that you'll introduce all food categories at the correct pace following SS.

I'm sure you'll do great on the higher plans (and slimming world eventually if that is what suits you better).


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your plan is the same as mine, I'm plaaning on moving up the maintenance steps when i'm about 10lbs away from goal and then to maintain using slimming world as i find it a very good plan to follow (just lost too slowly and not enough when at my heaviest!)

Like others have said you've thought about it, listened to your body and sound like you are pretty convinced it's the right thing to do so go for it. All the best! xx
S: 19st1lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 26 Loss: 7st3lb(37.83%)
thanks everyone. i have made up my mind..... i think!! im just a bit wary that even if i do maintenance now i will be at the very top end of the healthy scale by the time i finish (BMI 25) and i still would like to lose a bit more just to be in the middle of the 'healthy range'.
My body shape is ok (not perfect) and i do need to tone up, but i feel a little bit like im copping out and not really seeing it through to the end! arghhhh, im such a worry wart!
S: 19st1lb C: 11st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 26 Loss: 7st3lb(37.83%)
just a quick update....
I had my WI this morning and lost 2lbs which I'm very pleased with. I mentioned to my CDC my thoughts about moving up the plans and she agreed as 'you are looking very slim now!' hurrah! I'm 'slim'!!!!!
anyway we are now moving on up to 810 and I'm so excited to be allowed low cal squash and eggs! it's brilliant! I hope that I won't feel too hungry as I know that I can be knocked out of ketosis, but it looks like I'm on my way to maintenance at long last!! (I started cd in jan 2006 and it's taken me all this time to finally get close to goal!)


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Hey Keelie, I was having the same dilemma as I am 'officially lol' 6lbs away from a bmi of 25 (but actually only 3lbs at this mornings scale hop lol) so I decided it was time at bmi of 27 to move up the plans and do ss+ then 810 and finally last Tuesday at bmi of 26 I discussed with my cdc and we agreed it was time to move to 1000 which is where I plan to stay till I hit my goal bmi of 23ish.

This week hasn't quite gone to plan though as my Grandma died so I've drunk lots of wine and I haven't really stuck to the plan properly, I've actually eaten less than I should so I will be happy to sts this week!!!

I think moving up the plans is a good idea, I think when you get to the last straight its gonna be much slower anyway so you may as well re-introduce food and get yourself used to portion control etc which will make maintenance easier.

Good luck hun



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Good luck girls.
I did 8 weeks on ss and this week I've been doing ss+ in preapation for moving up to 810.
I must admit I'm a bit worried my losses may slow down as I'll still have about 2 stone to lose, lol.:p

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