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Too much water?

Thanks for that. I find I'm at toilet constantly which is ok at mo cos not back at work till sept. It is a bit of an on going joke in our house cos I'm never off the loo. We even went on a dog walk the other day for about an hr & I had to crouch in the bushes for a wee while the kids stood guard. Lol. I'll try cut down on water for nxt week & see if that affects my weight loss.xxx


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i would have a word with your pharmacist hun as drinking too much water can actually be harmful as it can give you a sodium imbalance.
Are you thirsty or is your throat just dry because of the ketosis? x
It's my mouth that's really dry. I didn't realise how much I was actually drinking cos I have a bottle in the fridge & drink a bottle then when that's empty I fill it up put it in the fridge & start drinkin the other. I'll cut down this week & see how it goes. Thanks all for your support xxx
The only issue is it could affect your body salts. I off diet drink 3l water a day anyway as I'm not into hot drinks. However on diet I would try to not go over 5l. Though its 10.30am and I have already had 1.5 litres!!!!!!!

Hi galaxy-girl. I was the same way between days 4 and 10. I found that swishing water around in my mouth gave me some relief. That way, I avoided drinking more than I should. It's a simple thing, but it really helped. Hope it gets better soon.

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