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Too much ZERO drinks can do what?

Hiya Hun, Some people are lucky enough to get away with having loads, some can't, it can slow weight loss, kick off food cravings and in some cases knock out of ketosis, my advice is to err on the side of caution, the old H2O is your best bet x
I just asked about this on a thread about Coke Zero - and Jen said that both citric acid and malic acid can knock sensitive people out of ketosis.

So I suppose best thing is to avoid if possible. I'm sticking to my Coke Zero to get me through the day til I'm "in the swing" of the diet then I'm going to drop them. But I have done the diet before so i know they don't affect my ketosis - I would say if you've not done it before you'd be best off avoiding til you're well into ketosis, then try one and see how it affects you. JMO though!
Vicky - that's a good point about slowing weight loss. When I didn't drinjk coke zero I lost more in the first week then the last coupl eof times I've tried this. I presumed it was slowing metabolism - but now you've mentioned it maybe not, maybe it's my coke zero!

Right water for me only from now on!;)


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i stopped drinking it cos it was making me hungry, have been Ok since I stopped it, back on the old water...
Yup, water is the best bet, Mike had a woman who was going great guns, then all of a sudden the losses stopped, turned out coke zero had appeared daily in her diet and as soon as she stopped the weight started dropping again.

Im not against it, but caution is needed, I used to have one a week after weigh in, but only half a can so it didnt affect me, but made me feel like I was having a treat, after a while I stopped that though, and even now I dont have fizzy drinks really, water I love!


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You also have to remember that "zero" cal drinks can actually have anything up to 10cals in them per 100mls. They are still allowed to be called "zero" calorie by law.

It may not seem like a lot but those extra cals can mount up!!



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