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Too thin????!!!!????


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.............well it's started. I went into my ex place of work today and I must admit that I was looking forward to it because a lot of my ex work colleagues have not seen me since I started Exante in July. I took a lot of time deciding what to wear to show off my weight loss to it's full advantage. I was indeed greeted with many nice comments but admist all of the adulation there was the proverbial........but you've lost enough now, you don't need to loose any more or you will start to look ill!!!! Why do people do this? I am 5ft 1in & I weight about 10st 7lbs now.........I say about as I have not weighed myself for a while as I am a scales addict as per my previous posts........so even if I am out in my estimated weight by a few pounds I am hardly Twiggy. I feel that I could loose another stone and still be on the heavier side of normal for my height and frame size. I have been expecting these comments as it always happens but does anyone have any ideas why people do it???? :kissass:
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I do wish that people wouldn't say things like this - you just keep going until you feel that it's right for you to stop.

I'm just over 5ft 1" and would you believe it that when I was around 13 stone I had some people including 'friends' tell me that it was time to stop.... sadly I did stop not long after but for all the wrong reasons!

You've done so well, just stick with it.
Trust me I have had it till I am sick to death of it, I never actually reached my goal weight (only by about 6 lbs) but so many people told me I looked ill (not that I would look ill if I lost any more) that I gave in and put half a stone back on which is where I am maintaining. I have to admit I did see a couple of photos when I was at my lowest and I could see that I had possibly lost too much from my face but it is a shame about my calfs as they are so muscly with all the walking that they just don't get any less! You will know yourself when you get there, one way or another.

Strangely, what weight I do have left seems to be redistributing and my OH said the other day that I looked like I was expanding in places which has set me back on thinking that I could do another month on Exante and it may not make me look as "ill" this time - but no decision as yet.......................


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It sounds as if you looked so fabulous that people really do believe you dont need to lose anymore, and quite honestly you probably do look slim enough to them. I get this a lot now as im only about a stone from target, Ive lost so much thats its a shock to people to see me as i am now. I would probably react the same to someone who had lost a lot too. The way I deal with it now is to agree with them and tell them im just trying to maintain my loss now. You know you need to lose a bit more, but just take it as a great compliment that people see you as slim already :)
I'd say smile and enjoy it was great when I had this myself start of April everyday I had work, friends telling me I'm wasting away. All they can see is my collar bones which was true.
When I had these comments I'd smile and not comment people will soon stop.

You know your own body so you and only you, should make this decision.

Good luck and keep smiling x

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