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Top 10 things to stop yourself eating

start a thread on minimins


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Weed the garden

Take neighbours dog for a walk

Reorganise a cupboard

Browse through a back issue of Lighterlife magazine

Look at cruise holiday destinations for next year on internet.....
phone a friend!
sex (as a last resort:eek:)


Strong women stay slim
Really good ideas all of them , you know the music one is one i'd do really changes how i look on a diet , i think of myself doing so well that i won't break and i think , at the end of this i'm going to look so different in trendy clothes and my hair done ... That means a good spend up ... got time to save just thinking the shops that i'd go to as i really do my clothes shopping anywhere now , trousers have a problem with them fitting , tops i'm ok with ... ideas where is the place to shop these days?
I do like the shop NEXT
I can't wear Next clothes, they are made for tall people with legs. I like New Look and TKMaxx for cheap stuff and Principles because they fit me. I don't do fashion much unless I happen to like it.


Strong women stay slim
Yes so long in the leg trousers , i'm 5ft 1 and have trouble , I also like the shop MK1 but i don't go into them shops now , i just buy clothes cos i need them as where before i'd buy them cos i loved the look of them , i guess thats what weight does doesn't make you look good in anything , but hopfully its coming to an end and i'll be back to buying lovely clothes i like .


Strong women stay slim
maz ok you'll do a deal with you , i'll give you my off cuts ok lol
LOL! this reminded me of a friend of mine who bought a mini trampoline and to keep herself on track she jumped up and down on it naked in front of a mirror!!


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Strong women stay slim
They need to have two shops one for people 5ft2 and under and one shop for 5ft 8 and up and if you are inbetween that Ht just go to your top shop or MK1 BHS or a shop you shop in .

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