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Total binge!

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Well guys and gals
Just had a fantastic weekend down in London. :break_diet:Off plan totally from Thursday evening until this morning - now back on plan!
I feel so bloated today- I cannot face any packs just yet. I am also only on my 4th pint of water - really struggling getting the water down. Go for weigh in tonight but am ready to accept what they say - am thinking around 5lbs gain! Have joined a gym so will go tomorrow after work and over weekend so I am hoping "quick on" "quick off"!!
I was actually quite surprised how easy it was to go off plan - I ate lots of rubbish foods! I really thought my mind set would be a little different but it was not!
Anyway I will let you all know how my weigh in goes!
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thats in the past now, you enjoyed your weekend, and you have jumped back on the wagon with everything positive.



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Hi Minnie,
I too was so disappointed at how easy it has been to go back to old and bad habits. I've had 2-3 weeks of off and on binges and I feel dreadful. I'm trying to get back on track but have only managed a day or two at a time and then binged for a couple of days afterwards. I dread to think what I have gained, but more importantly I really feel as though I've failed - yet again. I was good for 3 months and went to a wedding where I was oohed and aahed over and everyone fussed about how good I looked with 4 stone off, but it sent me off on a binge ... why??
Anyway glad you're back on track Minnie, and good luck
I think it is dissappointing to discover that despite our best efforts and the counselling input we still aren't cured and the inclination towards pizza or chocolate or whatever our poison of choice :rolleyes:, lies dormant just waiting for an opportunity to leap into action.

Since losing weight I have developed a real craving for sweet foods. Prior to the diet my preference was always for savoury foods whereas now my preference is for sweet things. Prior to LL if I went out for dinner I would have a starter and main course but never pudding (never considered it worth the calories) whereas now I will forgo the starter (sometimes even the main) and have only the pudding!!

Has anyone else experienced this?!

The other thing I've found is that if I 'stuff' my face with high carb foods I will bloat and retain water like mad - again not something I experienced prior to going on a VLCD.

I don't know if being on a VLCD changes the bodys metabolism or has some other physiological impact that causes this to happen.

I think I have reached the stage where the only way I can stay slim and/or remain comfortable (i.e. not have to endure a 24 hour bloat) is to EAT PROPERLY ALL OF THE TIME! Oh Gawd - how will I ever manage Christmas?!
I truely believe you can never be cured and I do think the problem is that some people reach goal weight and kind of think that they have won the battle but that is merely phase 1. Phase 2 is then closely monitoring your weight and making sensible choices the majority of the time.
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Hi Fatpossum
Not heard from you for a while, nice to have you back. I too find I bloat if I eat carbs , I actually change shape its really strange!
I suppose it may be because now that there is less fat around we can actually notice the bloating, it was probaly there pre VLCD but certainly I wouldnt have noticed it as much nearly 6 stone heavier.
I think Icemoose is right , this is a wake up call to eat well all the time, and I for one I decided that much as I love bread , its something I will have to avoid, and I will have to limit carbs in general as I hate the discomfort.
Its gonna be tough..... AND I still have weight to lose!

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