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Total Carbs


Rat Crazy
Hello again!

Boy are you going to get sick of all my questions :p

So I've popped in all my food for today and my carb count comes to 16g.

So how do i top this up? The book says you can only have 3 cups of vegetables a day... which I have already added to my calculator...

I don't want to eat too few carbs... What else can I add... Meat won't make a difference!

Thank you!

Confused of Canterbury :D
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Rat Crazy
I've already had my 'quota' of cheese hehe and not sure I can handle much more mayo hehe :) x


Rat Crazy
Already scheduled in 1 SF Jelly! But another won't hurt! No can do on the cream, i'm intolerant to it :)

Thanks so much for all your help :) xx


Low Carber
You don't have to use them. I think he says it to make sure you're getting your three cups of veggies a day. If you are then it shouldn't be a problem :)

Also, ask as many questions as you want!


Rat Crazy
That's great news!
I didn't know if it worked similarly to calories, whereby if you didnt eat enough your body somehow clung on and did the reverse...

I'd rather have too few, gives me a buffer incase i've calculated something wrong!

Thanks everyone xxx
tomorrow you may have 22g .......... as long as it all levels out over the week xx


This is for life
mustdoit said:
tomorrow you may have 22g .......... as long as it all levels out over the week xx
Hmm - you need to be careful with that - better to have a max of 20 so dont get an unexpected insulin spike!
Are you using a cup or a mug? te American cup measure is the size of a UK standard coffee mug Jennie
I've got a set of american measuring cups at home! But i also found the conversion as well for grams etc! xx

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