Total Losses and Regains on Multiple CD Journeys

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Big H, 27 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. Big H

    Big H Silver Member

    I have done CD on 4 previous occasions and am on day 3 of journey number 5. I just looked back at my charts to see how much weight in total I have lost and how much in total I have put on in between my CD Journeys.

    Start Weight 22 Stone 8
    Current Weight 17 Stone 6
    Lowest Weight 15 Stone 4

    In total I have lost 14 Stone 9 :eek: (205 pounds) and then gained a total of 9 Stone 4 (130 Pounds) that's quite scary. The upside is that I am still over 5 stone lighter than my heaviest, but I can't keep yoyoing like this!!

    Anybody else got a similar story ?
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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Similar story for about 38 years (various diets)
  4. Big H

    Big H Silver Member

    Well the fact that you finally cracked it gives me some hope ;)
  5. jacsprat

    jacsprat Silver Member

    I can totally relate to this. I have lost and re-gained the same 3-4 stone on more occassions than I care to remember. However unlike you I am more or less right back at the beginning again so well done on keeping 5 stones off.

  6. Linda5111

    Linda5111 I can do this.

    same here, but hoping its the last time.
  7. Devoted2beingSlim

    Devoted2beingSlim Full Member

    Hiya, I'm 4 stone lighter than my heaviest in my life but keep losing/gaining the other 4 stone . I'm determined to lose it permanently this time. I'm on day 5 restart and feel like death tonight. Hopefully Ketosis will kick in very soon x
  8. andju

    andju I lurve lurve lurve bars

    I discovered vlcd s in 2005,I have been doing them on and off until this time which I have vowed is my last,I have lost the same 2 stone and regained it loads of times always giving up before goal.This time im determined to make it but absolutely panicking about keeping it all off

  9. Big H

    Big H Silver Member

    Isn't it weird how the brain works because as far as I concerned, becasue I am 2 stome heavier than my lightest I percieve myself as having put on 2 stone. What I should be doing is saying I am 5 stone lighter than my heaviest and therefore I have lost 5 stone. My brain just can't do that though

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