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Total Panic - Wedding Countdown


The old me is coming back
Hi There,

I am brand new to this forum so I will start by introducing myself.

I am Laura, 27 years of age and living in Dublin, Ireland and here is my story –

I was always a fat kid and teenager, lost some weight in my late teens and early 20’s – stayed at around 10 stone, occasionally going bigger, sometimes smaller!

In the last 2.5 years I have piled on the weight – met my bloke, matched him portion for portion, got depressed by this and kept eating. We got engaged and set a date for September 23rd 2007. Went on Lipotrim last year, got down to 10.7 stone, ordered my dress and the ditched Lipotrim. Ate and Ate, then it was Xmas and I ate and ate even more. In January this year I hit my pre Lipotrim weight again, 3 months after finishing. Started and stopped numerous times, got depressed from the weight so ate more etc et you guys get the picture.

So here I am – 3 months to the wedding and back at 13.13 again. I have to get back down to 10.7 or less for my wedding. I have a dress fitting in 2 weeks, last time I saw the dress I was 3 stone lighter – what the hell am I going to do?

Girls, I went to a Cambridge lady last night, got the supply and am starting today.I have failed at re-starting Lipotrim, maybe a change of product is what I need.

I am going to need all the support I can get. I am 5’5” and 13.13 stone, anyone else with the same starting stats give me some idea of what to expect? I am so sick and disgusted with myself for doing this so close to the wedding I really really am.

Thanks for listening
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Finally...Life begins
Hi Laura and welcome!

Congratulations on your wedding firstly, and secondly on your new attempt at loosing the weight again. It takes a lot to do it a 2nd time I think, so you should be proud of yourself for that. You know you can do it as you have already. Dont worry about the fitting you could be nearly a stone lighter in a couple of weeks and therefore by september easily hit your target, if not be very close! Some people may even say you would hit it easily!

So don't be sick and disgusted with yourself, we are all human we all like our food and its easy for it to creep back on when we are not really paying attention.

Anyway, onwards and upwards (or downwards with the scales lol) Just draw a line under what has happened and get back on, keep drinking your water, enjoy your packs and think positively, that makes a lot of difference.

And keep posting to let us know how you get on. Can't wait to see wedding pics!


The old me is coming back
Thanks so much for all the support - it's great to have support from people who really know what it's like and are in the same boat - i am going to keep this as my little diary thread and please please god i will stick with this this time!

I had a cappucino shake this morning - was actually delicious. Going for a Tetra Choc for lunch and some kinda soup for dinner!

Can anyone tell me is Coke Zero and Sprite Zero ok to have?


Finally...Life begins
I know Coke zero and lilt zero are ok, but you might want to check with a CDC to see when you can have it. I know you have to limit it but i still think if its another glass of coke zero or a pint of lager then coke zero is ok. I think it can trigger hunger in some people too or kick them out of ketosis, but I have never had a problem. Its always the food that kicks me out of ketosis and makes me hungry!

I am sure someone will answer properly soon.

The cappuchino shake is lovely hot with another spoon of coffee too. Also the tetra is nice added to hot water also with a spoon of coffee but have to say my favourite at the moment is the banana tetra added to more water, ice and a glass of cold black coffee.. ahhh starbucks!! yum!


Silver Member
Hi Laura,

Firstly, Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.

Secondly, don't panic.

You have got time and def the incentive to lose the weight before your big day. and by the time of your dress fitting you should be at least 1 stone down.

I started off at 13st 5lbs in Jan and I got married in May weighing 10st 6lbs. I faffed around a lot towards the end of my bride to be journey but if you are determined and keep your goal in mind 100% you will easily be able to be where you want by September.

How are all your other wedding plans going?


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Hiya Mitten, welcome to minimins!!!

My story is similar to yours in that 3 months before the wedding my dress didn't fit by a long way either -

View Photo

Have a look through those photos, they will give you a picture diary as such of me shrinking in my dress.. I've lost 2 stone in 11 weeks - and that was with only doing 2 or so weeks of SS, the rest with 1000 plan.. So, conceiveably, you could actually lose weight faster than I did...

If you dont quite get down there in time there are loads of options open to you - most seams have an inch or so in them which can be let out.. You could have a lace up back put in if there isn't one already - the panel in that alone would add at least two dress sizes to it.. If there is a panel then order a larger back panel, I had done this as a back up option - which thankfully I dont need anymore.. My bridal shop said that they recently had to put a 7 inch panel in the back to make a dress fit - they can and they will do something to help you!

Good luck, you can do it!!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Oh - and no matter how scary that dress fitting is in two weeks - TAKE PICTURES.... Being able to look through and see how much it was coming in every two weeks was so motivating.. At the time I was nearly in tears having photos taken of such a badly fitting dress - I'm so glad I did it now!!
Hi Laura,
I'm kate, I'm 29 and live in hertfordshire in the UK.
I am getting married 22/09/07 and i have a similar situatino to you!
ordered my dress a bit smaller promising I would slim down a bit to wear it but it comes in mid july and i'm still the same size!
Starting Cambridge on sat, tried it a few times in the past but never got further than 4 weeks so this is a huge challenge! Ideally i'd like to loose 3 stone before the wedding, but 2 would be fine.
If you need a support buddy we could help each other?
Good Luck!



The old me is coming back
Thanks so much for that Sunflower Bride – your pics are amazing and I love your dress! I am going to have to do SS all the way in order to get into mine! When I ordered it I was 10.10 approx and tried on a 16, that was very big on my hips and thighs so I ordered the 14 (why oh why!). It has a corset back but I hate when the back looks too corseted, I know they could fit an extra panel but I would hate that!

Anyway, was 13.13 this morning, so at leat 3 stone needs to go. Ideally I would love to be 10 stone on the say – 27/09/07. I am really struggling already – I am starving and waiting to finish work and get home and have my soup. A little voice in my head is saying – feck it! Start tomorrow and I have to tell it to shut the hell up!

You did brill on the 1000 Sunflower Bride – did you do much exercise as well?

Princess Katie – would love to be your diet buddy – I have told my sorry tale above, have you had a fitting yet for yours? I am in 2 weeks time and if I had a stone gone by then would only be 2 stone over – am really panicking about it and feeling sick thinking of what I have let happen, if you know what I mean?


Wants to be a yummy mummy
You're more than welcome.. I'm proof that you ~can~ get in to that dress - you've just got to give 100% to the diet and it will give 110% back!!!! Keep refering to those pics while you're getting yours going - they can motivate you in the meanwhile!!!

I know what you mean about the corset laces being wider, I had the same apprehensions.. I think, though, when I tried it on and saw the almighty task ahead of me it was nice to know that a larger panel would make it fit.. Took A LOT of pressure off which, the nearer you get, you'll be very glad of. The relief when it fits is indescribeable, you'll love that feeling!!

I couldn't do any exercise - I slipped on a wet floor at work and have been in a hip to ankle brace for the last three months.. The week before I'd just run a half marathon so I was very very active - I've missed exercise like you wouldn't believe!!!! I've just been able to start spending 5 minutes on an exercise bike in physio and it's heaven!! I'm so unfit though, have a lot of rehab and then training to do!!

Dont feel sick about it, your dress will be how your dress will be.. Just believe in the diet, keep going and keep plugging away at your diary on here.. It's very motivational reading through what you've written and helps you understand a lot about yourself!

Good luck, you can do it!!!!!


The old me is coming back
Thanks for that Sunflower - Would you believe that i have failed already?

Had to stay late on work and came home starving, instead of having my soup i tucked into a dinner. I am raging with myself as i nearly had the day done. Anyway, tomorrow will have to be my re-start. I have been arsing around like this for the last 2 months, will be on here a lot more tomorrow, keeping to the plan. It's so so hard to get back into this- - bloddy dress or no dress. I know i just need to get 5/6 days under my belt and i am away with it.

Thanks so much Sunflower - it's great having people in the same or used to be same boat as me.
Hey go for it mitten! Take a bar or brik everywhere with you - even if its an extra one so you never get caught out. Always force yourself to have a coffee or tea to stave off that desparate hunger - you will do it!

When i got married to my first husband i didn't slim into my outfit as i wanted to and consequently hated looking at any of the pictures as all i could see was the blobby bride in a frumpy outfit. Fast forward 15 years and when i got married the second (and final!) time i was slim and got married in a strapless satin dress and love looking at the pics (even though i'm not that weight now!) - it is sooooo worth it - you don't want to have to go to the trouble of getting married again to get the pics you want do you LOL


The old me is coming back
Thanks HtPink - i know myself i should have had more water tea etc and just resisted the urge. Tomorrow is another day and as stupid as it sounds i feel really positive. Will be logging on here first time to get my support - i find reading on here a brilliant help.

And i have a strapless satin thing to fit into - do not want my leg of lamb arms to be all that's on view on the day!:break_diet::cry::cry::eek::confused::mad:
Princess Katie – would love to be your diet buddy – I have told my sorry tale above, have you had a fitting yet for yours? I am in 2 weeks time and if I had a stone gone by then would only be 2 stone over – am really panicking about it and feeling sick thinking of what I have let happen, if you know what I mean?[/quote]

Hi laura,
I haven't had a fitting yet, when I ordered it a few months ago they said I would need to loose about a stone and a half to 2 stone to fit into the size we have ordered. That was months ago and i am still the same weight!!!!! It is due in mid july so could come in anytime soon really! I am starting CD on sat so am hoping I can at least shift 8 pounds or so in the next 2 weeks so that when they call to say its in i might just about be able to do it up! would love to get rid of 3 stone by the wedding (22/09/07) and am pretty sure that is achievable on sole source, that is providing I can stick to it! even if i can get rid of 2 stone i'd be happy.
How are you finding CD now, getting any better? how many days in are you?


The old me is coming back

I am having a bit of a disaster – was starving last night after work and ran in the door and shoved bread and dinner into my mouth in a total panic – I am disgusted with myself. I should have had some sparking water or tea but I had let myself get too hungry and dehydrated.

Walked 25 mins to work this morning, had a shake and am just after stuffing a mini choc roll into my gob. Not even hungry just plain greedy. I am having trouble getting started and I don’t know why – it’s not like I don’t have enough motivation – dress etc etc..Hello?

So tomorrow, will have to be Day 1 again and for the final time. I think it’s very possible we will loose 3 stone in 11 weeks and maybe more but only if I get bloody started! I did Lipotrim before and I know once I get 4/5 days under my belt I am flying, it’s just getting there!!

My dress fitting is now 11 days away – at best I could have the guts of a stone off but will still be 2 stone heavier than when I ordered..and ordered a size smaller! I am cursing myself to the ground now that I didn’t get the bigger size – so easy to take in rather than let out!!!
Oh no Laura,
sounds like you're not having a good time of it!
you sound exactly the same as me!!!!
I think we could really help each other and be support buddies! I find it hard to stick to things unless i have someone keeping me on track!
Do you fancy swapping e-mail address, then if we ever need some help we can mail each other?
Mine is [email protected]

Stick with it babe, and put that mini roll down!!!!!

I am terrible the last few days, cos i know i am starting soon I am cramming in all my favourite foods for the last time! i know i shouldn't but i cant help it!


The old me is coming back
I know, it’s just so so hard but I am sure that together we can support each other – the first 4/5 days are very tough but after that it’s no problem! I know, I have done Lipotrim.

I have a shared email address at work and only get to my Hotmail one at home, so perhaps we can email in the eves and then just post on here otherwise – a pain I know!
I am fed up with listening to myself saying I will start again tomorrow, tomorrows are running out!

On a separate note, what kinda dress do you have?
thats fine honey, we can just post on here as its easier really.
am getting my cambridge stuff thurs night so i'm gonna start friday, so scared! am busy eating all my favourite stuff at the moment as i will have to go without for ages!

My dress is by alfred angelo, its got quite a big skirt and a lovely bnoed corest body with a corset back and loads of sequins and crystals all over.

I adore it and i really want to fit into it, i just never seem to be able to stick to anything!


The old me is coming back
Sounds like there are a pair of us in it so!!

Day 1 for me will be tomorrow again – hold god! And I will stick to it 100%. I have the most amazing wardrobe of clothes in a size 12, just begging for me to get back into them so I might try on a few bits tonight as further encouragement.

Your dress sounds fab – mine is a Maggie Sottero Corset back one with a dropped waist and a slinky skirt, well it was slinky when I was 10.10 stone anyway! To think at one stage I swore to myself I would be 9 stone for the wedding – ha! 10.7 stone now and I will be the happiest chick in Ireland!

Will you be on later tonight?
Hi laura,
sorry wasn't on last night, had loads to do!

am trying to cut down on my carbs for the next few days so that the carb withdrawals aren's so bad when i start CD. Trouble is i'm at work now and i haven't had my breakfast and am starving, and its not easy to find a low carb breakfast here!

How are you getting on today?

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