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Total Passion Killer but .....


Fighting for My Health
I've ordered one of these All in one Company, personalised sleep suits & all-in-ones for all ages

LMAO. I couldn't resist! :D

I was ordering an animal one for my son for Xmas, and then decided they would actually be quite useful for camping. No chance of getting my eldest or hubby into one, but I'm def up for one lol. Ketosis also makes me so cold and so thought this would be lovely for snuggling up in :) Bit expensive I know, but should last a long time. Think you can get cheaper versions in the shops :)

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I will do this!!!
Iv got one and i love it!!
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want one
So do i, but i don't wanna pay £50.. Can we go shoplifting??? lol x x
They sell them in Primark. Cant remember how much they are but they're under £10 (i think!)
Jayne... These are on Ebay:


They are cheaper.. I am sure there must be others but i didnt really look too hard x x


Fighting for My Health
I've already ordered. I know you can get cheaper, as I had a look around first, but these ones you can customise to how you want them, not only pattern, but whether you want feet, mittens, pockets, zip pockets, how long the zip is - at front or back, etc. I don't mind paying out for something that will be quality and last a looong time ;) I'm sure it will outlive Primark's £10 ones lol. Even when I shrink out of mine, it should still be wearable as length will stay same and I'll just have more fabric to snuggle in :)

always wanted one hehe


Doing it exante style :)
I got a cow one from Primani (primark) it was £8 and is sooooo cosy ;)
I even bought my OH one and he wears it!! OMG he'd kill me if he knew id told you all that lol x
Jayne these are brilliant! I'm going to order several as Xmas presents, the choice of fabric is brilliant:D

Clair, yup I think your OH would kill you for revealing that he actually wears it.......can you take a photo and post it? That would be hilarious, like the Harry Enfield sketch where they dress up as toddlers.....


Doing it exante style :)
OMG Sandra your sooo bad!!
I'll have to try take a sneeky pic, hed never let me take one, watch this space ;) x
They look so snuggly that he's bound to fall asleep at some point so just have your phone handy!

I'm going to have real problems getting sound after my op and our house is huge and really expensive to heat so I'm definitely going to have one......animal print I think, I'll look like a great big leopard:D hope the cats don't mind.....
So do i, but i don't wanna pay £50.. Can we go shoplifting??? lol x x
Suuuuuuuuuu:eek: actually haven't done that since my teens! We used to nick make-up from Boots.......and sweets from the pic n mix in Woolies!

Those were they days!


Fighting for My Health
Ah, you can't nick anything these days with all the CCTV around! ;):p lol

I know, I even feel guilty walking around with stuff trying to find a till!
I nicked a Cadbury's Crunchie when I was about 9, egged on by my friend...still feel guilty to this day....mmmm Cadbury's ......sigh.
Did have a laugh at the all-in-ones,they do make you look like a baby all over again, how do you go to the loo, do you have get completely undressed? But you are right, ketosis and winter combined babyville here I come. Anyone for Tellytubbies? :D


Fighting for My Health
I think the loo thing could be difficult, not to mention chilly! However, the ones on the website I posted have 'drop bottoms'. lol

I'm sitting typing this is my blue one with little puppy dog sleeves from primark £8 pound, love it! althought its annoyin wen u needa pee

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