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  1. katblack

    katblack Full Member

    Im doing the total solution and was just wondering from peoples experiences if doing daily exercise makes a difference in weight loss?
    Ive seen that in some cases it actually slows down weigh loss as body needs more calories-obviously depends on how intensive the exercise is etc but would like some feedback :0) I want to start running again but worried it wont do much to help with the loss!!Thanks :0)
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  3. Rayven1979

    Rayven1979 Member

    Hmmmm, it's a tough one and I think everyone is different so it's a case of try it and see. I wouldn't do anything too intensive though, but that's just me. xx
  4. Lara1986

    Lara1986 Gold Member

    Katblack I am In the same situation. What I am going to do is exercise (run quite regularly and do a bootcamp class or two a week) and if I need more food, which I probably will, I will stick to extra veg and protein.

    This way you should hopefully have enough fuel to do the running.

    Have you ran before or are you looking to start?
  5. katblack

    katblack Full Member

    Hi, I used to run about 5 times a week an was about 4months in then i became pregnant an ill with it :0( typical-so then after baby i have 3 stone to lose an want to start running again but its been 3yrs!!! I have a super duper treadmill in my gym at home so want to start on there slowly before being seen out in public ;0) any tips would be great!
  6. Lara1986

    Lara1986 Gold Member

    Oh cool. Well returning to running, or any sport previously done, should always be slightly easier than if you were just starting out afresh, due to muscle memory. When I read up on that I found it motivating!

    Well I would do look into signing up for a race to look forward to. I used runners world for training plans and roughly followed that - I started with a 10k. But to improve fitness quicker I used crossfit/bootcamp classes alongside running and I think it made a big difference.

    Don't increase the duration and distance you run by too much too soon. I also get new music ready when I need a motivation to get out there - and I won't allow myself to listen to it unless I'm running!! Do you enjoy it when you run? Keep me updated with it :) clearly I like talking about running!!! Also check out park run it's a free 5k there might be one near you x

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