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Totally caved in


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Today was supposed to be a fun day in town with family and friends as it's the town's summer festival.

I don't know why but after weighing in today I was so fed up that I hadn't lost anything after being soooo good that I went on a total binge. :sigh:

Since 7am I've had two snickers, loads of crisps, 4 beers, sugared up yoghurt, fried potatoes (lots), schnitzel, icecream and about 2 bottles of Riesling. :eek: There you go I needed to see it in writing.

Thing is, I'm not feeling physically sick or anything, just resigned and down :cry:
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thought I was pi55ed off!!
tomorrow is another day bla bla bla. But it really is.
The good thing is you will wake up with a hangover (if it was 2 bottles and not 2 glasses) and what do we all want with a hangover? Yes a fry up, and you can have one without feeling bad, in fact it means you are back on the wagon in both senses of the word.
We can buddy up as both doing a bit crap at the moment.
all the best


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Yip. You broke in style! LMAO. The only thing you can do now is shake it off and get back into it. Don't let it be 'Oh I broke on Saturday, may as well have the weekend off.' Because come Monday your will power will be low again. Sip away at your water this evening and think about today. You were down and you turned to food - classic comfort eating. Isn't that one of the things nearly all of us have to deal with and one of the habits we have to break? And did it actually make you feel any better? Will it bring you any closer to what you really want?

I'm sorry you feel so low, I hope you get back into it and see the results you deserve. Chin up!!



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Thought i was the only one but wasn't brave enough to admit it. Been poorly and turned as usual to food for comfort. Why??? Just made me feel worse. Gonna rght today off but cant afford to do it again 2moro. 6 weeks til hols and really need to lose some pounds. We can do this!!! Can't we??


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This used to happen to me often and would always be the reason why I would never back on the wagon. A few things have since helped me:

1. Accept you will make mistakes, you are human and therefore not perfect. Don't beat yourself up over it.
2. In the greater scheme of things has this totally ruined your diet? probably not.
3. You have been mainly consistent, this is one 'blip'.
4. The scales may not move for many reasons 1) your body is recompositioning - check for inch/cm loss 2) you have lost fat but gained lean mass 3) you could be holding onto water.
5. Do not try to convince yourself you will never eat off plan again, you may be setting yourself up for a fall.

Hope this helps, I think we've all been there :-(


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Yes, agree with all above

We have all been there - I spread cushions on the floor to break my regular fall off the wagon lol!

The weight didn't go on overnight, won't come off overnight, so take a deep breath and tell yourself this is now your long term eating plan and it's OK to have a blip every now and then. As Kieran says, no point in beating yourself up, it's happened, so drink lots of water and move on :)


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I agree with all of the above. Start sipping the water and have a lovely fry up in the morning. As someone above (sorry can't rem who) said, did the binge get you closer to goal? No. You know what can. You have done so well so far. People are losing weight and maintaining on this so it can be done. Love yourself and don't beat yourself up for being human. You haven't failed just stumbled. I'm sure Paula Radcliffe stumbles when running marathons, but she gets back up and carries on. You are on a marathon, and it's your turn to get back up and continue to finish the run (notice I said run not race- time it takes doesn't matter).
Hope you feel better soon x


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Acht, its alright. Its not falling off if you get right back on it again. Its more like, a pit stop to stretch the legs now and again. We all do it now and again so dont worry about it!
i liked the spreading of pillows idea,
except i'd need a bloomin crash mat:(
on the up side,it's sunny and water is free flowing,as is the bacon and eggs.


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S: 16st4lb C: 14st2lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 2st2lb(13.16%)
Hi Everyone, love the posts and the vibes you guys are sending out :D

Believe me I paid for my adventure yesterday with the worst hangover I've seen in a long time :eek: It's only just clearing now so I can finally see my keyboard again.

Life goes on, I must remember that Riesling is not my friend (but it tastes so good).

:thankyou: and :grouphugg:


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That's some binge Ransch, still we've all been there, get back on the wagon. I'm surprised you don't feel crap, I always do after a carb binge like that

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