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  1. Ms. Jedi

    Ms. Jedi Full Member

    Lost 4lbs this week! Not indicative of the norm, obviously. I mean to lose 1 to 2 lbs per week. But with the maintaining of last week, I believe that my body regulated itself. It had been very hot and humid and I had been walking a lot so I was perplexed that I had not lost last week. But it has all come at once today... so I am more than happy.

    What might challenge me this week? I am supposed to be out for a meal with a couple I know. She wants to go to an Indian restaurant and then after, to a cask ale pub in town. I told them that I was tea-total (lie) but that I would come along and have soda water and lime. As for the Indian, I guess I will be mindful of my syns all week and then check out the menu to try to tally up what the syn total will be on Saturday night. THEN STICK TO IT.

    I am dreading it, in truth, for a number of reasons. Ah well, we shall see. But I really want to lose the two pounds that I must to get me to 18 stone at my next weigh in.

    Wish me luck.
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  3. Ms. Jedi

    Ms. Jedi Full Member

    Still me but less of me. Looks like all the body magic and sacrifice worked. I've lost 3lbs!
  4. bumblebee1990

    bumblebee1990 Full Member

    Lots of running this week but will have to ease off as my back and ankles really ache today. Lost 2lbs today. My 4th week loss, making a total of 12 lbs loss!
  5. Ms. Jedi

    Ms. Jedi Full Member

    I got a summer cold. I did not gain but I did not lose, either. For how I feel right now, I am ok with a "Maintain" this week.

  6. nicolajr1986

    nicolajr1986 Full Member

    3lbs this week!

    If you look online there's some good Indian options - think buriyani is tomato based? Xx
  7. Ms. Jedi

    Ms. Jedi Full Member

    Hi! Yep I looked at that and did ok! It's been awhile since I've been on this page only because of technical problems and I am so bad with computers... lol. Thank you for getting back to me! :)
  8. beavis420

    beavis420 Full Member

    I currently weigh in on a Monday and I maintained this week
  9. Doll2142

    Doll2142 Member


    Well i haven't weighed myself for at least 2 weeks which i was around 10st 9lbs mark! well with a long week of a lot of food i wouldn't normally eat i have weighed myself to be now 11st 1lbs! i expected a weight gain, so now lets get rid of it. Been on slimming world before so going to give it another go this week and hopefully next Monday will be a nice weight loss!! :) good luck everyone else on their weigh ins this week :) see you next Monday!

    Doll2142 xx
  10. Asdel

    Asdel Member

    I weighted my self this morning and I weight 206 lbs. I was 201 lbs ,that is from a fall back i had. it started with my bowling tournament I ate Wrong at the tournament and than again on my fiance's birthday,i have been craving sweet stuff ever since i started using the Sucrose Sweetener By western family,which i started using last month. i now know i am the type that i can't even have sweetener Because it gives me the craving for sweets,carbs, plus all the stuff i can't have.The sweetener has made me crave things and now i am at 206lbs instead of 201 :( I have thrown away the rest of my sweetener and i am not going to splurge on thanksgiving. the hard part right now is my fiance decided while we were shopping the other day that he would get us some eggnog to drink on thanksgiving day,which i thought was sweet but than i gained five pounds and now i will not let my self splurge on thanksgiving day. It is going to be hard but i know i can do it,i need to not have that splurge day.
  11. wyneandsoda

    wyneandsoda Member

    Lost 0.5lbs today need a foot up the backside to get me back on track and a couple of bigger losses before Christmas x
  12. GT3142

    GT3142 Member

    Lost two pounds this week. I must say that I'm really disappointed and disheartened but it's made me more motivated to keep going.
    As soon as I walked into the pharmacy to be weighed, I said "I don't feel like I've lost any this week" - so I knew straight away.
    I need to drink much more... I struggled this week as my routine changed, but didn't "cheat" in regards to having anything that wasn't allowed. It's made me realise the importance of water intake!
  13. wyneandsoda

    wyneandsoda Member

    Over the moon with my 1.5lb loss this week :)
  14. AAW

    AAW Diva

    1/12 = 199.9
    1/19 = 199.9

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