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Cant answer that q for you but I found the same with the reduced fat digestive biscuits also :-(
that really doesnt make any sense at all, i bought the reduced fat ones thinkin they were better but obviously not!lol xx
If I were you I'd work it out from the nv. Confused at ww I know it's a new plan but people seem to be finding many differences :( I love reduced fat digestives, think it's 3pp for 2 ( don't hold me to it, haven't got them in a few weeks, my brother eats them on me) but just double check, using an online calc or download it for free if you have an iPhone it's iwatchr :)
Good luck
thanks :) i thought it was really weird, il try it on calculator and see, thanks:)
Ok so i checked with the pro points calculator based on this information

One reduce fat rich tea


So for two biscuits i doubled this info


And got 2 points for 2 biscuits, can someone double check this for me or correct me if im wrong?xx


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Yeah I get 2 also for the rich tea...

Heres the nv for the reduced fat digestives Tesco brand

1 biscuit protein 1.0g
carb 11.0g
fat 2.4g
fibre .5g

= 2pp per biscuit

2 biscuits protein 2.0g
carb 22.0g
fat 4.8g
fibre 1.0g

= 4pp for 2 biscuits


x It's my year to shine x
Nooo that's as you've doubled the 1st number (0.7) wrong, it should be 1.4

:) hope that helps!

Iwatchr is fab if you have an iPhone, although doesn't seem to accommodate discrepancies such ad 1ppt for one, 3ppt for 2, unless you work it out like in the posts above.
woops thank lol will try that n c xx
i got 2 points workin it out with the corrected protein figure, which shud i go by?xx
do you have a claculator,,i put in the details on mine get the points for it and then hit the multiply button and it does it's own round up:)
i dont have a manual one just one stored to my computer desktop xx

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