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Totally Freaking Out

Hey. It's all carb loading and water retention; happens every time you have a carb/fat breakout on CD. You'll have to go through getting back into ketosis again i'm afraid so you may find your loss is not so great this week but should pick up again from next week xx
We were very naughty yesterday and had a KFC yesterday, though I didn't eat the skin :) but I did eat the fries:break_diet: and its my weigh-in tonight never mind I will have to try harder now :sigh:
Gym can't do any harm and will help towards the rest of the week but not sure what effect it will have on WI tonight.


hoping for a good loss
hugs chick. IF you do have a gain at wi just keep hold of that feeling. Might help you stay on track next time you are tempted.

Am sure it won't be as bad as you think. Have a good poo before getting weighed lol

Charlie x
Good luck, Hon. Just draw a line under this week if you don't have a good loss and start again. Sending you hugs. x


Slowly but surely x
hugs, darling x


Getting Married 2012
my weigh in isnt till friday morning so hopefully it is water and will go by Friday.

I am going out for my birthday in 2 weeks so will not doubt feel like this again soon


Slowly but surely x
You can go out and just have chicken and veg for your birthday, my love and still have a good time. Honestly, its mind over matter. Drinking water with a fancy cocktail umbrella can be quite good fun too
I have had something every weekend since I started this diet - and the only time I ate was at a wedding and just ate a bit of chicken and veg. (ooh and a bread roll which luckily didn't affect me), you really do have to have it in your head that you arn't going to cheat then hopefully you won't - if you go with the attitude that you will cheat then you'll end up going overboard xx hope that didn't sound out of order saying that just try to think positive xx hope you have a good WI xx

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