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Totally lost control , please help :(

:cry: I dont know what to do or where to go from here ... I started 1000 plan on monday as I have 14 lb to goal and have started going to the gym so need to start adding more calories .. but since monday I have lived on biscuits and cakes , and the odd slice of toast :cry: I have totally lost control and am really struggling to get it back .
I have gained 6 lb and today have managed to just have 2 shakes , but I cannot go on in this binge , starve ( SS) cycle I have to try and control this greedy glutton that I have become and other than locking myself up in a padded room I dont know how :cry::cry:

I darent tell my CDC as she will be really disappointed , i need to try and loose as muh of this gain as I can before I see her on monday so that means SSing again , which I dont want to , but I feel I have to :confused:

I am waiting for my opy of the Beck book , but I know the therory , I just cant seem to control what I do

there is no way I can EVER give up as it has taken so much effort to get to this point but CD is taking over my life in a bad way and I cant see the way out ... help :wave_cry:
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You have done sooooo well! ur losses are amazing.. just take this as a new day and start all over again, its never too late but youve come so far, hang in there u will be fine.. :)


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i havent got any advice,but didnt want to read and run, just try draw a line under this weeks mistakes and start afresh tommorrow,you have done so well, maybe just try and think about why you decided to diet in the first place.
you are a real inspiration with how well you have done,.sorry i havent got any words of wisdom,maybe have a nice bath tonight,a bit of pampering,just be kind to yourself,tommorrow just start again,think positive,you can do it.xxx


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Katie - I don't know what to suggest - especially as I know my CDC is going to tell me to start to work up the plans in a couple of weeks - ;-(. At the moment I am planning on working out a meal plan for a day and just repeating it the first week - every day - boring I know but hoping that it will give me structure and control..and then making a few changes each week until I am on top of it...other than that I have no ideas - I'm just fingers crossed that it will help me maintain control when i get there.


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I understand what you are saying so much as I am an all or nothing girl so the diet does suit me the problem is I am going to have to treat the rest of my life this way and I know I have an issue with food especially bread, cakes, chocolate, etc etc and I know I just can't have not even a little as I convince myself I will make it good tomorrow and I never do I do exactly the same the next day !

I can't buy cake's etc for my family which suits them but it's hard to resist @ work. I have a no food rule in my car so if I eat I have to sit and think about it so I sit at the table and I am aware of what I am eating. It doe's not stop me craving stupid things like crisps & chocolate which I have in my kitchen but it's a test to my will power @ the moment that I don't open the packets and give in to the urge to eat something which is not good for my body.

So I say your right to draw a line under the experience this week and remind yourself going to 1000 is not a green light for a free for all & I know you know that.

You have travelled a long difficult path and you will not fall at this last hurdle you may stumble but you will get back up and complete the journey and your cdc will know that too and sure if she is supportive she will not be disappointed.

So stick with it xx
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I think your CDC will expect you to gain a bit, moving up a stage! Mine said when I go to 810 I might stay the same or even gain a tiny bit as it's natural - she'll never know! I wouldn't SS - just continue/start eating well, with filling foods - big bowls of green veg (with a bit of gravy!) and things! You'll be absolutely fine - just do some mega gymming for the next couple of days! Everyone is going to blip now and then and you've been pretty good up til now by the looks of things - you were due one really!!
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Well as I have the least self control EVER, feel a bit of a twit even being on your thread...BUT as I put bubs to bed I thought about your thread and thought, could you plan your meals tomorrow tonight, if you know what your having it "may" take away the snack attacks :) Good luck x


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The Beck book's gonna help, I think. Yes, you 'know' the theory - but for whatever reason, you don't want to act on it. I haven't got far with Beck yet, but what I have learnt already is that you need to do a lot more than read the theory - you actually have to do the tasks within the book.

Couple of questions. Why have you got biscuits and cakes around? Why did you have toast when you knew you shouldn't have it? What's going on in your head, hun?

What's happened is only a blip. That 6 pounds gain is glycogen and water - you definitely know that. :)

And I think MissDetermination is on to something about planning tomorrow's meals (that's a Beck idea too).

Draw a line - now. I'll draw it for you, shall I? :D


Forgive yourself for going a bit mad - you're only human. And decide that instead of beating yourself up, you're going to treat your little splurge as a learning experience.



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Oh, and by the way, if your CWPC's disappointed in you, she blooming well shouldn't be!!! You've done amazingly well to lose the weight you have.

Give yourself some credit, girl!!!

She might be disappointed for you, that's different. But she wouldn't be doing her job properly if she made you feel terrible about what is (in relative terms), a tiny blip.


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Hi Hon, I think the others have given you great advice. I myself am in this position at the moment, and I don't really know why. My CDC gave me bit of a talking to basically telling me I can't let life get in the way of me getting to goal.
Just take a deep breathe and look back at some of your before photos and how well you've done up until now. You should be so proud of yourself.
Don't let this blip get you down. It happens to everyone. Start afresh tomorrow and refocus on what needs to be done. That's what I've done and it helps. I'm also working through the Becks Solution. It's great, but you do need to do the activities too.
Chin up, Hon. I'm sure you'll be fine. Sending you hugs. xx
thanks everyone :D I managed a 100 % SS+ ( 4 packs ) yesterday and have dropped 2 of the 6lb gain ...... I will do this till monday to try and get back to where I was then back onto 1000 plan and leanr some control .. I HAVE to learn how to control myself and live like a slim person .. I know I cannot live on CD forever and after being an overeater sine I was about 6 ( 27 years !) its going to take a bit of retraining , but I WILL do it :D

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Hey my love!! Soo gald your back on track. I know that horrible feeling when you feel that your hard work is going to pot!! I had a similar evening yesterday but will rant about that on my thread lol.

Hope you have a fab day my lovely.

Chelle x x x
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Honey I was (and still am to an extent) exactly the same, I felt so out of control when I was on 1000 its like your suddenly given permission to eat and you don't know what to do ! you will find your balance, now if I have a bad day with carbs then the next day I eat protein only and the gain comes straight off. I have pigged the last week and put on 4lb (using preg as an excuse lol) but yesterday I had a protein day and lost 2lb in a day ! It does take over your life its hard for it not too but you will get to a point where it fits into your life and you just make the right decisions. I have days where I really rebel but know to put it right the next day whereas before I would of carried on for the week.

If you need to chat just pm me on fb you know I'm always on there lol, its difficult and really is the hardest part of the diet much harder than SS. Its because your so used to the control element of the diet xxx you CAN do this !! x


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When you had your break last year - did you manage to maintain your weight on SW?

If so, then you only need to stay in cd 1000 for a short while to get to goal - and then you can move back to SW on which you know you have tested and will keep you at goal.

Do you think knowing you're on 1000 for a set amount of time will help you focus from straying?

You have achieved so much, as you say, habits you've had for a lifetime will be difficult to change - but you can do it!

If it was easy....no-one would be obese, and diets wouldn't exist!! Hehe!


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thanks everyone :D I managed a 100 % SS+ ( 4 packs ) yesterday and have dropped 2 of the 6lb gain ...... I will do this till monday to try and get back to where I was then back onto 1000 plan and leanr some control .. I HAVE to learn how to control myself and live like a slim person .. I know I cannot live on CD forever and after being an overeater sine I was about 6 ( 27 years !) its going to take a bit of retraining , but I WILL do it :D

Good luck hun :) unfortunately CD can only help get rid of the weight it can't get rid of our mental attachment to food thats all up to us and it's probably the hardest part! It's about completely changing your relationship with food and just eating to live from now on! (with the odd treat now and again) you can do it!!! xx


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hun im right there with you. i feel exactly the same and cant really seem to get out of the rut i have gotten myself in there!

will have to chat more i think. and try and keep each other on the straight and narrow!

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