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Extra Easy Totally Miscalculated!!


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I've been doing really well over my first week or so. Really happy with my meals and snacks, making the most of free food and being really satisfied so keeping my syns low (most days less than 7 or 8).

Decided to have a few drinks over Mother's day weekend with family which is fine as long as I carry on as well as I have been from today.

Until today! Totally cocked up my dinner! Hubby and son asked me to make burgers for dinner, I always made my own and my own oven chips pre-SW so easily adapted. Bought normal lamb mince instead of lean by mistake (even the lean lamb I think is synned although I thought it was free!) decided to let myself have a nice bap for my burger anyway as hadn't used any syns at all yet today but looking online it might have been about 14syns! Plus the lamb I have to syn and the cheese slice..and the ketchup which I totally forgot about! What a silly mare!

Sorry really silly rant over nothing, just a bit cross at myself! It's not like I pigged out and went crazy, just totally lost concentration lol

It wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been following a few glasses of wine and cider over the weekend!
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I really wouldn't worry especially as uve been having 7 syns or less every day (u may find eating more at least ten is actually more beneficial anyway) x


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Lol poor you.don't worry... I have been learning from my mistakes over the last three weeks so you're not the only one!


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Aw thanks ladies! Yes I did enjoy it while I was eating it! Thought it was guilt free lol

It did help me learn a lesson I guess, make sure I always get extra lean!
Bless u, we have all done this sort of thing matie, u just do what u gave always done! Like the others say don't worry about it I'm sure u will be fine ;0) x

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