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TOTALLY off the wagon

I am so ashamed and cross with myself. I have basically, for the last two weeks, totally come off the wagon. No real catalyst, just a few things that made my days a bit difficult so I got lazy.
Haven't been to a meeting for two weeks and will definitely go on Thursday but I desperately need to get back on track and try to salvage something.
If anyone has any motivational tips and/or ideas of foods to help limit the damage, I'll be very very grateful.
Thanks in advance.
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I say just draw a line under it and start afresh now. Get back on plan, and don't drive yourself batty trying to salvage it all. We all have days/ weeks where we go off plan, but pick yourself up, go to WI on thursday and take whatever the scales give you as motivation to get back on track. It might not even be as bad as you think.
There is no need to be ashamed or cross with yourself, we all have these hard times and its great your going to carry on!

Try having lots of super free food? I find doing a food diary always helps me stay on track. Could you do one of those?

Good Luck - let us know how you get on! x
I would say just get back on plan and forget about the past two weeks - everyone has weeks like that. When I need to get back on track, I try to eat loads of superfree food and drink lots of water. I write down all the syns I have too, as I find that really helps to keep me on track. Good luck! :)
Hello, Im in the very same situation. I weigh in tonight and am dreading the scales. But i plan to get right back on track, start drinking water and concentrate on super free foods.
Good Luck! x
I have been as well :(
It's such a rubbish feeling isn't it. I was going to get properly back on track today but someone unexpectedly offered me a jam donut at a weak moment and I ate it (I don't usually get involved in staffroom cakiness now I'm a supply teacher). Enough is enough though. It's only 6 weeks til the new year, and I want to feel GOOD!

Anyway - I have made leek and potato soup for tomorrows lunch, and a lovely chilli for tea tomorrow, and have bought vine tomato, eggs and skinny bacon ready to cook for breakfast tomorrow, so hopefully I'll manage to stick to plan then. I also have the new magazine in my bag, which I will indulge in with a nice early night tonight for a motivation fix.

Good luck x
Hey i felt exactly the same! Have had two weeks of being either really good or REALLY REALLY bad!!! Have stuck to plan the last two days, and was dreading weigh in tonite....i am over the moon i only put on 2 pounds...i have drawn that line ..you can too :) Good luck for weigh in xxx
Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your support - Hope those of you that have also fallen don't have too much of a shock at weigh in.
I am making myself some nice syn free comfort food to ease myself back in gently so a pumpkin rissotto for lunch and roast chicken tonight. I have cheered myself up slightly as hunted out my meaurement records from last year and have found that I have lost 9.5" from my waist so I figure, even if I have gained a bit, I am still a lot better off than I was last year.
I am back on the horse!
I shall let you know what the scales say/scream tomorrow! :)


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Big pat on the back for going back to class :D. Now sit down and plan your meals for the next week, make a shopping list, and come on here! Think how much you could lose before Xmas!
I agree with Judi, just logging on here and reading some posts can fire you up. Just when I feel weak, I make a point of reading success stories and looking at before and after pictures to remind me of my dream...
i have been off track for a coupe of months now, took a mini break off plan for my birthday in august and never really re-started :( thankfully my weigh in this week showed i only put on 6lbs(not as much as thought) but i have seriously bloated up thanks to the excessive bread eating!!!
got back on track on sunday...only to fall off again today ...my willpower sucks! trying hard for a syn free day tomorrow to make up for rubbish willpower today and fingers crossed for next week!

anyone have any spare willpower to throw my way!!
Its definitely a case of planning ahead and not going off course isn't it? Thats half of what went wrong. I didnt plan but I worked out meals as I went along, which would have been fine, but then I'd think I'd have a glass of wine, and if I am having the glass of wine, may as well go the whole hog and have a few chocs and on and on I've gone. So, weigh in tomorrow, suck it up and get back to it.
Heya hun, planning is most certainly a big part of it :) ... We were sooo skint last week that i hardly had anything in, and it makes it doubly hard. Just been food shopping and have oodles of fruit, veg and fish in the fridge, and plenty of free yogurts and eggs, and some choc options and mikado`s, so i now feel ready to tackle another week .. and feel i have things in that are interesting to eat :)

Well done for recognising where you feel things went a bit haywire and jumping back on ;)
I feel the same hun. Had a brilliant 2 and a half months on plan.. then my routine went out the window and had a little holiday! And kind of said ' I deserve a treat sod it '. Had a brilliant long weekend away - drank and ate to my hearts content. Optimised at times..anyway got back and weigh in is on a Tuesday for me, and I had put on 3 pounds :eek: !! Didn't go to class and kind of made my excuses but I wish I'd gone. Anyway, I gave myself a kick up the bum and I'm back on it 100 %. No more biscuits sneaking in my mouth at work!
I'm drawing a line under it, and today is a new day, brought loads of free foods to snack on and a big lunch so I won't need to have anything naughty 'cause I'm under prepared.

I have a mini goal - I'm off to New York in 3 weeks and would love to lose atleast 6 pounds really to give me some le-way so I can enjoy myself!!

BACK ON PLAN!!! Onwards and downwards!!


Champion actifryer
The great thing about the plan is that, even if you do slip up, the moment you get back on it you start to feel better - physically and mentally. We're not all angels all the time, but we are in control and that's the key - it's the freefalling out of control that's scary and the reason we piled on the weight in the first place.

As has been said, draw a line under it and get back on plan.

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