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TOTM and LT (Maybe TMI!!!!!)

Hi Girls (and Garry!!!-I just know u will read this thread!!!)

Just wanted to ask if you noticed any changes in your TOTM while on LT. I have my 4th weigh in on Monday and started TOTM yesterday and OMG I have never had such a bad one, really heavy and painful. The pain actually woke me up during the night, which believe me is a miracle because usually even 3 alarm calls can't do that!!! Also I am early and had a kind of pre period, period for the last week too!!! Anyone else had anything similar???
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Nah not me, but I,ll have a look into it for you x
Hi Thistime,

This has happened to me too. Not the pain, but I have had 2 periods in a month whilst on LT, rapid weight loss can affect hormones, so I don't think it's anything to worry about:D
I haven't experienced this but I do remember similar posts over the last four weeks so it must be something that others have suffered with. A girl at work, who suffered from bad period pains, was saying she took Feminax (could have got the spelling wrong). She said it really helped her... maybe worth a try. Hope you are feeling better soon. Julia x
I had this and asked my chemist she said that women hold estrogen (dont know if thats spelt right or not) in their fat and as we loose the fat the estrogen is realesed thus bringing on periods willy nilly but it should settle down soon !!!!!!!!!


too hot to handle!!
hi,,i was jst going to post a similar question,,i'm in bed at the min dying,,jst got mine a week early,,i'm only on day 5 of LT

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