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TOTM and weight loss

Ack - TOTM sneaked up on me a few days early. I was expecting a bit of a plateau of weight between now and 21st when it was due, but no - Aunt Flo is here already!

Now I'm just confused. I assumed TOTM would be a slight water and weight retention. This sounds like a really daft question but WHEN would that normally happen? I always assumed a couple of days before and for the first 2 or 3 days. Is this right?

I've never really tracked my weight before, so I'm surprised that I've lost weight over the weekend if this is the case. Although my body is completely screwed up so it could well be doing its own sweet thing!

What usually happens?
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i HATE TOTM! just finished myself.. fun fun. I find for me it's the week before, I get the bloating and the weight gain and my body has a general disposition to retain water anyway so every month I look forward to feeling like i've gained 10lbs. During I seem to level off and drop all the bloatiness and symptoms associated.

Every woman probably has a range of different indicators but unfortunately we can't fight it, you just have to be prepared mentally for a disappointing week :(
Useful to know, that's for sure. I was like that in December but not in January. Think I probably just need to trade myself in for a new model ;)

Thanks for letting me know your experiences. That really helps.
I start bloating a week before and it stays til about day 5 of 7. If you lost just before totm then maybe you either dont retain much water, you only retain a day or 2 before or maybe you had a fab loss that was partially hidden by water weight gain.
Apparently ttotm speeds up your metabolism so you should burn more calories at rest!
yes it does but we're talking tiny numbers, 150-300 calories per cycle. This is due to the very slight raise in body temperature that occurs. This is obviously negated if you then take painkillers that also reduce your temperature...basically no need for extra cals when its TOTM (if trying to maintain) and no need to get excited about weight loss either as it would not even amount to a lb off a year

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