totm and wi


Call me Nicky xx
I can understand that BUT if you do happen to sts or have a gain then remeber that its because of TOTM. Next week you should have a fab loss if you keep to plan.

I am sure you will report a loss though.

Take Care and hope you feel better soon xx


Mad as a Hatter
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Everyone fluctuates around the TOTM but what you need to do is make sure that if you do put any weight on, that it doesn't knock your motivation for 6.. if you are on the diet for long enough, you will notice a pattern with your weight loss..including your TOTM

You will be fine - chin up !!:D:D:D:D


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i'm the same and my weigh in is tonight i am well peed off XXX


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I tend to STS or have a small gain at my TOTM. Bit of a bummer if I've had a loss the week before as bang goes my chance for 2 weeks of SotW (erm.... like I qualify for it that much anyway - not!)