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TOTM effecting weigt?


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Hi all,
This may be a bit of a daft question but.... I don't have periods due to taking the mini pill :D but I just wondered if my body would still go through the 'motion' as if it was having a period... mainly water retention or whatever it is that often makes us have a gain or STS on weigh in day.
Thanks x
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Yup, yup, yup!

I have a coil so don't get monthlies, but still know round about when I'm due. Marked in my book and definite pattern! X

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i thought so as i get bloated and wanna eat chocolate when I should have been due my monthly, thought I was making it up lol :)


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Me too - same as Selwonk :(

Before having a coil fitted I suffered mid-month (ovulation) and during my period. Now, if you look at my signature block, I have a clear pattern of still retaining weight twice a month!

Very frustrating! :confused:

It gets me down sometimes - like this week when I know I have been 100% golden - had no more than 70 syns - and I am on track for a massive 0.5lb loss - whoopee!! :mad:

On the other hand, I am learning to recognise it and learning to live with it ... what doesn't show on the scales this week will show next week - I hope! ;)


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I think it should be my TOTM this week, had a sneaky weigh in this morning after feeling bloated and just bleurgh! not lost a single pound! naffed off today and trying my best not to comfort eat on crisps but doritos would be so helpful right now :(


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I think it should be my TOTM this week, had a sneaky weigh in this morning after feeling bloated and just bleurgh! not lost a single pound! naffed off today and trying my best not to comfort eat on crisps but doritos would be so helpful right now :(
Don't even keep them in the house hun!! If they are already in the house somewhere ... step away from the Doritos!!!

You can do this Nettie!! Feeling bloated is NOT the same as putting on weight!



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there is no junk food in the house, I don't even have stuff in for the kids as they dont have sweets etc everyday. They have a treat sometimes so I just go to the shop for them on treat days.
It's just so disheartening when this happens. I know I have been 100% all week and tried so hard with the water challenge, I've eaten so much fruit its unbelievable! sorry to moan, just hope my body sorts itself out for sunday morning :( I could cry right now
Hope you're feeling better hun. I'm in the same boat my pencil skirt was woooaaahhhhhh too tight this morning am putting that down to TMOT (even though I seem to get it for about 2 weeks before actual TOTM!).

Big hugs xx


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I was thinking about this the other day. Am on depo & had assumed that i would not be affected by totm weight gain or sts. But have looked at my lossea over last 5 months & there is a definite pattern every 3 weeks ( had a 21 day cycle b4 :()

Am moving onto the implant in a few weeks - anyone know if its the case on this as well?


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I would imagine it will be the same whatever contraceptive you choose.

I think I'm right in saying that even women who have been through the menopause or have had hysterectomy's still have a 'cycle' so to speak.

Please correct me if I am wrong though?

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I am on mini pill and had a mini period this week - 2 whole days. woo! but i think it did affect my weigh in this week. I have high hopes for next weeks weigh in (watch it all go wrong now i have said that!!!)

I think whatever method of contraception we still get a little bloaty, teary, emotional and crave the naughties!!! Even if we dont see the nasties!

sorry to bring up this old thread, but I didn't want to start a whole new one and found this one in my search :)

I'm on the mini pill, cerazette, have been on it for over a year and haven't had any periods except for when I first went on it (had one for like two weeks, not fun!) and I had a random one a few months ago that was really light.

I randomly came on yesterday morning... unusual for me. I was just wondering if anyone knew if it could be a change in diet that's triggered it, or if it is just pretty random? I'm also a bit worried it'll affect my loss this week but if it does, ho hum.
I'm on the same pill and have had occassional periods. Usually nothing though. Still get pre-menstrual symptoms (bloating, constipation, hot at night, tender breasts, super-sensitive to shaving or waxing, etc).


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I have phantoms and it definitely affects my W.I! I'm on the implant.
Am on the combined pill, but, I noticed I was a bit 'podgy'(-er! lol) round the belly coupla days ago, and lo and behold.. today was the day!
Still get cravings, and extra thirsty.. etc. too! was a nightmare this week trying to get back on track!!

But like others have said, it turns into a patter with your Weight Loss :)
phew, glad I brought this up, has made me feel a lot better and more normal!
Im on the implant and normally dont get periods with it, but i get the odd day craving chocolate sweet thing's, which i wouldnt normally be bothered about. Every now and again i get a light period that lasts about 10 days and i really struggle these days, i try not to have stuff in the house but ive still got a couple of boxes of buiscuits in the from christmas and last night the buiscuits won.Im not a big syner most of the week so im hoping what i ate last night will of just been ballanced through the week ( i didnt count how many i ate but it wasnt the box lol )ill find out monday night
I retain water guaranteed every month mid cycle (ovulation) it's so frustrating to see it on the scales when you've had a good week!!

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