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TOTM. -gone strange!

hi there
has anyone else had a strange time when on their TOTM?
Sorry if too much info, but I suffer quite a lot with mine.
Painful and Heavy.

Thought I was starting on fri.....then by Saturday and Sunday nothing.
Sunday night...thought 'oh here we go again, starting'' then Monday nothing.

Just wondered if I have had my TOTM (very strange one and v v v light and non existent)
or has my body gone a little funny on the diet.
Do you think diets can affect your body in this way?
Hope not, a little worrying if it can!

just wondered if anything similar happened to anyone else on here

thank you!
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Jilly - please update your User CP...

Weight loss in general I found, rather than specifically "this diet", can affect your cycle (but I don't see whether you've lost much - can you create a signature? saves us asking you the same questions over and again.)

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My period was 4 to 5 days early which is unusual for me but no other change.
Also I did notice that my boobs were not tender like they usually get a few days before.:eek:
i have lost 18 pounds.
maybe a diet can change things?
just strange when i have the worlds heaviest flow and then I have nothing, virtually non exsistent!!
very strange.
was going to go to doc's, but will wait and see if anyone else on here had a similar experience.
doesn't help that i am trying to conceive and people are telling me i shouldn't be on this diet when trying to conceive!

who knows!
i have lost 18 pounds.
maybe a diet can change things?
just strange when i have the worlds heaviest flow and then I have nothing, virtually non exsistent!!
very strange.
was going to go to doc's, but will wait and see if anyone else on here had a similar experience.
doesn't help that i am trying to conceive and people are telling me i shouldn't be on this diet when trying to conceive!

who knows!
Without wanting to get your hopes up too much, maybe that's just what you've done. (Spotting when period due and cramping/stretching pains are classic signs of the embryo implanting in uterus).

I'd get a test done - good luck.:)

Otherwise (because, obviously, I could be way off the mark), I think someone has already posted on here about low-carb = hormonal changes, but can't remember who or when but maybe the person who posted will see this and reply.
i have done a test. 1 two days ago and nothing.
1 today that failed.
1 tonight and there is a v v v faint line. (so don't think so, & have now run out of tests!)

have just googled it and a change in diet does something to your hormones and estrogen.- not so good if you are wanting to conceive!!

can't believe it , I have not been able to lose weight in 10 years. I finally gather some will power from somewhere and have lost 18 pounds and nearly done 50 days on Dukan! and it has probably messed my body up!! one can't win!!!

now what to do, do I carry on, or stop!! and I wonder how long it will take to get my body//hormones//estrogen back to normal!

might need to go to the doctors and check!- what a pain!


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How old are you Jilly? I know of people who've fallen pregnant while dieting the Dukan way, so check with your GP if you're worried but don't let this trip you up until you're sure of your facts.
I'm not a test expert but I don't think it matters if the line is very faint - the line only comes up if the pregnancy hormone is in your wee (and the more concentrated the better, so test first thing in the morning if you can get another test). There's a pregnancy diet forum on this site somewhere, maybe you would get better advice there?

Will now shut up as this is not the place to discuss pregnancy tests;). Sorry to all those eating their breakfast:eek:.


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I agree laura, I had mine with my son at the chemist and they said nope not pregnant so I bought it home and with in 45mins it had a light line and I was pregnant, I was told you can have a neg/neg but never a neg/pos.
Good Luck jilly :)
I have 4 and could easily give you a couple if you like....lol :) xxxx


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I had a super faint line too last summer - and now that super faint Line is lying sleeping peacefully next to me right now..... :) i found that drinking lots of water diluted the test results xx good luck xx
oh gosh! looking likely that i may be pregnant!
dont mean to sound selfish and ungrateful, but am doing so well on the diet and really wanted to lose more weight, especially cause i haven't lose weight in 10 yrs!!

going to get another test in the morning.

then will need to make a decision about the diet.

or maybe call slimming world up and have a chat with them, as it sounds like that is the diet that midwives support if you are pregnant and no other?

thanks guys for help//advice!!

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Back on the Dukan wagon!
Keeping everything crossed for you.


Gone a bit quiet
Some of the principles of DD might combine with SW, especially fish and lean meats. Also dairy when preg is really important for the calcium. So you might find you can do a well informed diet by combining.
I am going to call the slimming world lady today.
Also have a friend that has done it. Will ask her if she has info on the diet, as I don't have a clue about slimming world. Never looked into it.

Just get my head around 1 diet & then need to swap!

Looked at some Sw recipes last night. Breakfast = Porriage and banana. That will not feel right to eat will it!! He he.

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Back on the Dukan wagon!
So have you done another test yet, Jilly?
Good luck!

yes, i have done another one.
again- a faint line. so I must be!!

just not sinking in at all!!

very confused about what to do with food//diet//eating.

i have googled dieting and pregnancy (even though I am probably 2 mins pregnant!!) and it seems the diet supported by doc's and midwives is Slimming World.
Know absolutely nothing about it.

have had a little look at in on this forum. but, it is like another language.

there is a class in my area this wedneday. maybe, I should join and see if i can lose my last bit of weight in the 1st trimester (before the weight gain starts!!)

can't believe for the 1st time in my life I have been focused. I have lost weight and now I have to swap.

also, wondering what it will do to my body? just stopping Dukan and starting another.

Today, was meant to be a PV day. so I had my usual breakfast.
lunch we were out. I had a salad (with edame beans, beetroot, chick peas, seeds- i normally would not have had it.) and I had a pea soup, with a small piece of faccacia bread!!! i haven't eaten bread for 50 days.!!!! it was so strange.

tonight I have had venison burgers with veg. and i have been naughty and had a cupcake (as i have been baking)

so maybe i should just sort of do PV days until I get to a Slimming world class. maybe not go overboard on the protein??

if anyone has swapped diets from dukan to SW or any other. please let me know how you got on??

thanks for all your help!



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Wow congrats then :) When I was pregnant with #4 I done weight watchers. Had just lost 30kgs and BANG fell pregnant!! But stayed on it, I know they HAD a pregnancy altered diet then.. shes 8 now. Maybe look in to that for ideas if they still do it?
Good luck :) xxxxxxxx
Oh, congrats!:)

I think you can Dukan while pregnant but obviously not as you are now - more move onto conso-style eating but 7 days a week. Lots of protein, calcium, veg, some fruit and small amount of carbs (wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, pulses, etc). Check in the book, there is a pregnancy chapter somewhere (I no longer have mine to check).

For my last pregnancy (having been borderline gest diabetic for third pregnancy and not wanting to repeat) I cut out all sweet stuff and limited carbs (1/2 servings of pasta, etc) so as to avoid the same. I had a 7 kilo weight gain for a 4 kilo baby and blood sugars were great throughout (piled the weight on while breastfeeding though, but that's another problem!) so it can be done healthily.


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A very quiet "yeay!!" :) will give you a big yeay when you know for sure!! :) :)
I think you can loosely follow DD whilst preg - concentrating on conso phase?? - hopefully one of the experts will advise you. If not, enjoy the preg and get back on it afterwards!!!
x x x


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congrast if you are, and well done on your losses to date. As Laura says, if you really find yourself pregnant, switch to conso right away, that will make sure you don't deprive yourself and lose more while you body and growing bean needs *some* extra nutrition (but not carbs for TWO). Don't just stop Dukan, that could have quite bad results in terms of gains. The book DOES have a passage on pregnancy, (have you got the book?, if not it might be an idea to buy / borrow one right away).

I've checked, it's only two pages, in essence it says - for entire preganncy go for adapted conso (Conso but two fruit and low-fat/semi-skimmed, <2% rather than no-fat dairy). No PP Thursdays.

Same advice for following Conso during breastfeeding.

But please do read the book don't just take my brief summary as fact!

Fingers crossed!

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