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TOTM - how has the CD/VLCD affected you?


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I've only been SSing for two weeks now & have just had my TOTM - arrived on time & no different than usual. Whether that changes as time goes on i dont know. Sorry i'm not much help!


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I'm just starting my 3rd week on SS and just finishing a week of TOTM....I'm on the pill and not actually due until 3/5/08:eek: so I'm guessing that I will still have TOTM next week too.:mad:

So yes my periods have been affected by the diet, I was early by 10 days (being graphic - heavier than normal to start but soon petered out to not much):eek:. It was exactly the same the first time I tried the diet too - within a week it was TOTM whether or not it was due.

I hope you feel better soon.
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hi im on LT and only started last week but mine arrived a week early and are very heavy,,i have seen a post here of a girl who had to come off it as she had hers a lot of the month due to this,,i hope to god i wont be the same,,


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Hi, exactly the same thing happened to me.

Im only on day 9 today but wasnt expecting TOTM until end of this week and it started on Saturday and was heavier than usual but now not a lot. How strange.

When I did lighterlife last year, the same thing happened again.
Oh well, if I lose the weight I don't mind.



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mine's changed! I've gone from having a heavy period every 3 weeks.. to not having one at all!! wooo! I'm enjoying the break :D
now you've got me worried!!

... cos my last 3 periods have been of the flooding variety - very difficult to cope with at work, or, as last month, in the middle of a playground with 3 10yo girls wanting me to run round after them....

Am quite anxious that some of you are reporting heavier than normal periods - mine can't possible be any heavier, surely!! And it does explain why I've started spotting today, a whole 10 days before I expected it to...

Well, I guess I'm not alone, and at this early stage - week 3 - so far its worth it...!!!


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I've not had a period for 8 weeks now!!!!! I'm hoping that by the time I've finished maintenance I'll have one. up until I got below 11 and a half stone they were regular as clockwork and med to heavy maybe 11.5 is my 'body's weight' xx


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Hmmmm.... thought provoking! I have always been like clockwork, altho getting heavier of late. I put that down to being 44, and maybe peri menopause. (No Mum to ask now, but older female colleagues have said it is a possibility.) However, I am now late. This NEVER happens. I am terrified I could be pregnant, altho we dont "do" thingy very often!! I am in my third week of CD. Any thoughts? OR am I off to the chemist for a test? (Heaven help me...)

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