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TOTM on CD: Poll

Has your TOTM been affected by being on CD...?

  • Yes... [please explain further in a comment]

    Votes: 21 56.8%
  • No, i haven't noticed any changes in my cycle so far

    Votes: 14 37.8%
  • No, i'm a man and a lucky git who doesn't get them anyway...

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No, i'm post menopausal so those days are behind me now

    Votes: 2 5.4%

  • Total voters


need to be old goofy me
Sorry if too much info, but i wanted to know how many people's TOTM has been affected by being on CD.

I had my TOTM as normal during my first week on CD. I'm normally as regular as clockwork, its now 6 days late and shows no signs of coming either [i don't feel bloated etc...].

Has CD knocked anyone else out of sync...?!!
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I have been bleeding on and off every 2-4 weeks little bit or alot ... weird

since i started cd...

plus i havent long had the inplant put in.. lol


2nd Time Lucky!
I just restarted wed so dont know yet, plus ive not long has the coil put in so no periods as yet :D
But last time round it really messed with my cycle, I was very irregular plus I bled for months non stop :rolleyes:
I only started this diet Tuesday came on on Thursday and have noticed i am alot lighter than i normally am, first couple of days hardly bleeding at all.


Silver Member
Made mine about 4-6 days later each month, normally regular


Full Member
Made mine more regular. It's now every fifth week, before it was whenever it felt like it!

Dee x


Must do it this time
I Had The Coil(mirena) Fitted Over Three Years Ago And Havent Had A Period For 2 And Half Years That Is Until I Started Cd,ive Had 2 Extremely Light Shows When I Say Light I Mean That It Wouldnt Last For More Than The Day,
Elaine X
Well the first month was fine,but since then I have had later than expected periods(Used to be to the hour before!)Usually have a couple of days where I have a bit of spotting(Never before)and then really heavy couple of days followed by spotting again.
My weight loss is quite big though,and I am still on SS


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
The first time round on CD I was on for about 8 weeks off and on, mainly heavy and was concerned I was becoming anaemic but doctor was not worried at all and then it became more regular. I am on cerazette which you constantly take so you aren't supposed to get a period at all.

My doctor says it is because your body is changing so quickly your hormones take a while to catch up with your new body.

Hope this helps.

Well i seem to be the odd one out. I have pcos so i am never regular, but if i was my cycles about 5 weeks. Since starting cd its become reg at 3 weeks! The worst of it is, i'll be due on for hols in 2 weeks, when i booked the hols around! :(
Hiya, I lost nearly 5 stone 1st time round on Cambridge and my periods stopped altogether after the first month sole sourcing. It took about 3 months for them to start up again when i started eating again. It didn't bother me at all except the GP must have got sick of me insisting I must be pregnant.

I've been back on Sole Source Plus for 2 weeks now and came on yesterday really heavy so can't wait for the periods to stop again. When I'm back at goal again I will see my GP about some kind of pill that I can take all the time so I never have periods. Does anyone know which pill this is please?
I take cerazette (mini pill) so didn't have periods before starting cd But since i've started cd 10 weeks ago i've had 2 so it does effect your totm.But i have lost 46 lb in those 10 weeks so i'm just putting it down to that.


Just about on the wagon!
I'm on the pill so I'm regular, but it does make them last longer (6 days instead of 4) and a lot heavier and with a very sore tumpty :confused:
Can't say that I have ever had a problem with CD and my totm! The last time I did it I wanted a baby so when I stopped the diet to try to conceive.....I got pregnant right away so no problems for me!!!!!!!!
I voted yes, I was later than normal this cycle, just over 5 weeks 37 days when normally I would be about 30/31 days.

They were also much less painful kept waiting for the real zingers to kick in and they didnt really :) So a bit of good, a bit of bad

I also lost more week 6 which was my totm week

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