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TOTM question...


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Hi folks

I don't know if anyone read my question in my WI post but thought I'd repost it here just incase.

I was wondering if any of you ladies had experienced significant changes in your cycles since starting LT. As luck would have it, yesterday mine finally arrived, a whopping 20 days late O.O This is a first for me and am 99% certain it's down the to the diet. I'm not complaining, but worth noting. Still curious to know if it's affected anyone else in this way?

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Yes alot of girls had a continuous period for the whole time they were on TFR but others didnt have any at all. mine only started to go wacky in my last month. I usually just have them for 3 days but i had them until i started refeed then they stopped a week and a half later. There is no real rule, its different for everyone. Just use contraceptives and you wont get pregnant and if they come they come if they dont they dont. Wont hurt to not have them for a while anyway. xxx Hope this helps.
I have become really regular on this diet, every 30 days on the dot!!
Hasn't affected me at all, cycle wise, although not been on it long either time - so may change with time.

Cazuk - OMG, your pics incredible - you've lost loads - you must feel great!!


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Ooooh yes!! Before starting LT i hadnt had a totm for almost 3 years then bam ... week 2 of TFR and i get one. It lasted the whole time! (from week 2 till week 22) ... my second time on TFR wasnt so bad it was on and off but now i am off it and onto maint i havnt had a totm since.

Its defo to do with the diet. I went to my docs twice to be checked as i thought it was just to un-normal but was reassured it was perfectly normal as its a way for your body to cope with an extreme diet :) xxx


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Thanks for all the reassuring replies. I had a strong feeling it must be connected but have not seen it mentioned in any threads so just wanted to check. Wow, I seriously hope this TOTM doesn't last me til I'm done, what a nightmare that must have been for those of you affected O.O although, to be fair, a small price to pay for a gorgeous slim and healthy new body :)


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It sure was a small price to pay :)

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