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TOTM Weigh in's


Trying very hard!
Sorry if this is tmi for some and it really only applies to the ladies!!!

I was just wondering if the TOTM weeks affect the results of your weigh in's and how long it takes to even it out?

I mean say if the planned weight loss is 4 lbs a week will the totm week 2 lbs and the week after 6 lbs? I know its not going to be as definate as that I just didnt want to get disheartened,

Thank you for listening everyone, happy new year to you all

Louise xx
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Hi hun and yes you can certainly weigh a few lbs heavier at time of the month but it should catch up the following weigh in.



Trying very hard!
Thank you so much for your replies, i'll try not to worry too much!
I havent even had my first weigh in and I'm worrying about everything! xx
i can weigh upto 5lbs heavier at TOTM, if you dont lose much that week just tell youself its just extra water and you will have still been buring fat, try not to worry about it, and yes you usualy lose more the week after, i use to take aquaban which really worked, you take it 2 weeks before your due and the times i did i lost weight normaly, that was when i was doing slimming wolrd though, not sure if your allowed to take it on CD x


I will get into that wedding dress!
try not to worry i was MAJORLY worried as i came on the day after i started and thought oh great just what i need i REALLY needed a big loss to motivate me for week 2 and as you can see i still lost 8lbs! and i had my 2nd TOTM over xmas (and stuffed myself) and again still lost 2lbs!

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