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hi this is a weird question but have any of the girls had a continuous period since starting the diet. i have the implanty in and dont usually have a period. i done lighter life last year and the same thing happened when i was had a period for a month and now i have had one for two week? just a bit worried has this happened to anyone else? xx
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I have an implant too and have suffered the same symptoms this week and a bit, I was so worried it was just me. I wonder what actually causes it to last so long?

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am not sure probs to do with hormones or something, i was a bit worried bout it but must just be a symptom with vlcd and the implant, since u have the same. i have had mine for 3 weeks now so a bit sick!! xx


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me.. my TOTM started within a week of starting the diet - i also have the implant - ive just started week 8 on the diet & its still going. its been an absolute nightmare because i have been prescribed norethisterone tablets to take 3 times a day on top to help stop the bleeding but its playing havoc with my weight loss & ive had 2 weeks of no loss at all.. its really getting me down :(


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Me too! I'm on the depo provera injection though, not the implant, but its similar in the way it works. Have had TOTM since day 2/3 and it's now day 12. Off on hols next week and gutted that it looks like I'll still be "on" while away. grrrrrrr!

This has happened in the past when i was on the pill too on previous restarts!


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Have a word with your CDC just to be on the safe side hun xx