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It is normal to have your periods change on the diet. It can be heavier, lighter, more often or less often! Or it may not change at all...


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Mine started the day I started S+S! And is still here now, 7 days later. No change for me then, usually lasts 10 days-2 weeks. Maybe as I lose weight it'll get better, when they first came back after I lost enough weight to get them again they were horrendous! It was more like three weeks on, one week off!

Weight really affects TOTM, hopefully it will get better for you nunny.


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I found I bleed a lot more than usual for my first Tom since starting diet.

Will see what it's like next month



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I have had really long erratic TOTMs before starting a VLCD on both occasions and then as soon as I started the VLCD my TOTM returned to normal length and time between. Mine always seem to be rubbish when I get above a certain weight and a VLCD seems to fix it for me. Lots of people have your issue though it seems. I think I've read about more people saying they have erratic or heavy TOTMs than a reduction in frequency.