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  1. MissyE78

    MissyE78 Full Member

    Hi Everyone.

    I was just wondering how everyone gets through TOTM.
    I am having cravings for food and just checked my weight and have put 3lb on. My official WI isn't till Tuesday.
    Has anyone ever experienced a low weight loss or even worse putting on weight because of TOTM.
    I would love to hear your comments please
    Thank you xx
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  3. Chlo

    Chlo Silver Member

    Just plough on through, any weight gain is water and will be off again next week. Don't let it demoralise you it isn't real. It happens to loads of people.
  4. MissyE78

    MissyE78 Full Member

    Ok. Thank you x
  5. shazzy_shaz

    shazzy_shaz Silver Member

    Hey missy! TOTM gah the most frustrating time ever! Its like clock work since July I always lose like 1lb or STS, but when I come off I drop 9lbs, (although as I'm close to goal it's gone to 7lbs!) The first month it happened I thought that's it I won't lose weight on Cambridge, there's no point in carrying etc etc but I'm so glad I stuck to it as next week I lost that 9lbs! My CDC said she's never had a client who's TOTM affects WI's so much!

    It's TOTM now and I swear even 8 months in I'm climbing the walls for some sugar right now!!! I've taken to sniffing chocolate <--- I'm know how crazy that sounds! Just lock yourself away or try to distract yourself! And above all if worse comes to it and you don't have a good loss this week please just hold out for the next WI as it'll be worth it! You'll still be gutted on WI day but know that the week after you'll have a fab loss! :)
  6. MissyE78

    MissyE78 Full Member

    Thank you so much. Xxx
    It's nice to be able to get advice from someone that has been there and knows what it's like.
    I am going to keep myself busy and try and forget about it.
    Whatever happens at my WI on Tuesday I will just move onwards and upwards.
    I'm determined to stick to it till the bitter end. Now I know that it's not just me I feel lots better.
    Thanks again xxxx
  7. shazzy_shaz

    shazzy_shaz Silver Member

    That's the spirit! I'm seriously considering ringing my CDC to see if I can get a bar... Or I might just have to another shake! I can't believe how strong the sugar craving are this month lol!

    You'll do fabulous! Just stick with it and it'll be so worth it! You can do it Hun! Your CDC will probably expect you to have a quiet week if she knows its your TOTM!

    Good luck lady and let us know how it goes!
  8. MissyE78

    MissyE78 Full Member

    Thank you so much. I hope your cravings pass. I'll let you know on Tuesday. Xx
  9. MissyE78

    MissyE78 Full Member

    I have spent the past few days preparing myself for a low weight loss this week as it is TOTM. I have been to see my consultant this morning and before weighing me told me to prepare myself for possibly putting on. Well, I have been weighed and I have lost 5lb!!! I can't believe it! I am over the moon! X
  10. Victoria1909

    Victoria1909 Full Member

    Well done missy that's fab :). I'd put on 3 inches on my waist last weigh in because of TOTM!! I bloat so bad. 5lbs is brill xx

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