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Tough day


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The Diet Guy
Hang in there, you definately have up and down days on the diet, but take stock in what you have acheived!! You are shrinking by the day and losing really well so keep it going and take pride in what you have done already.



Fed up of being fat
Im sure in a bit you will perk up. You've done fab so far!
Hang on in there - the last you want to do is stop the diet, casue it is so hard to get back on it again.
When I started the first time I found it real easy but then restarting was awful.
Keep going, you are well on your way


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Hi Lee,

This is natural as it is common to hit a wall like this!

Part of the problem is that the weight loss goes so fast and your brain does not connect with it in the mirror and you might be feeling yourself your getting nowhere.

On top of that it can feel ever so lonely being on a diet when everyone around is eating.

Regardless of being on a diet or not the truth is we all have days when we feel low and down in ourselves and it is on these days that we would normally turn to food for comfort.

Today will pass and tomorrow you will feel good in yourself for pushing forward and getting through this.

Sometimes it can be good to play with virtual model

My Virtual Model - Home and it does give you a good idea of what you could look like at goal and you can change your hair style and colour...I have gone blond myself from using it:p

Also it can help to write down how things in your life that have improved with the weight you have lost to date.

Some of the things I have noticed is less pressure on my knee joints, more flexible and a lot fitter etc.

Also write down your hoped for achievements for the future for yourself.

Losing weight is very emotional and overwhelming at times.

Have you tried drinking bottled water as I find it easier to drink than tap water. Also, I love the tetra's as a hot drink.

You could click on this link and look at how well others have done and see that they too felt like you from time to time, but kept going... I know these photos help me when I am down.


Hope your feeling better soon...

Hang in there:hug99:

Love Mini xxx
Hang in there Leehal. You have done so well so far.
Whatever you do, dont give in to temptations, you will regret it in the morning.

Do you have any pics of yourself before you started the diet. Compare them with how you are looking now - you must be able to see a definate improvement after the amount you have lost.

Try to distract yourself. Go for a walk, go to the gym, go for a lie down or a bath - anything but definately do not eat.

Good Luck Leehal, we are all right beside you.


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