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Tough week ahead

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by bruggie07, 24 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. bruggie07

    bruggie07 Full Member

    Evening everyone,
    Well I have a really tough week coming up,
    I dont really know what to do, I feel worried and annoyed all at the same time!

    It is my sons 7th birthday on thursday and there will be lots of cakes, pizzas and generally lots of goodies (or it should be baddies!)
    I know I wont be able to resist it all, we will be having lots of family and friends round. (some arent particularly supportive of me losing weight)

    To top it off I am due to be going out with the girls on saturday night where there will be lots of alcohol involved!

    On the one hand I am pleased both these events are in the same week as I can get them out of the way! But on the other hand I really dont want to undo all my hardwork!
    I feel really stressed out by it all and wish I could sleep through it and wake up on WI day!!!

    Sorry for the rambling! feel better now its off my chest!
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  3. Harry'sMom07

    Harry'sMom07 Silver Member

    Firstly, yes, you can resist the baddies at the party - if you really want to! I didn't think I would at our nursery Halloween party, but I did and was soooo proud! As for the friends that don't support your weightloss - that's their problem, not yours. Are they jealous? Sod them!

    Secondly, you can still go out and drink. Stick to low-syn stuff like vodka and diet coke etc. I alternate so every other drink is just a coke, or I'll have a weeny bit of bacardi and lots of coke. Flexi-syn it so you're still aware (as aware as you can be after a few drinks!!) of how many you've had.

    Have a great week!!
  4. Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel Starting again!!

    Why does a kiddies party have to be full of baddies? Cna't you make some of it SW friendly for the kids sake too? SF jelly, HM pizza's, low syn sweeties (marshmallows, individual packs of jelly beans) healthy sarnies etc? Diet pop's too or SF squash. Make some HM flapjacks & fruit biscuits? Not perfectly friendly but better for them & you!

    Plus the drinking - pint of diet coke with separate shot of your choice (25ml is usually 2.5syns). Add to the coke yourself - the spirit sticks to the ice so you can taste it all the way down.
  5. bruggie07

    bruggie07 Full Member

    Thanks for the replies ladies.
    I have given myself a bit of a talking to! And have kind of come to the same conclusions,
    My plan is to make lots of yummy free stuff for thursday and stick to it as much as poss
    (I'm thinking- stuffed celery, lots of yummy pasta and savoury rice and SF jelly)
    I will be keeping my syns to a minimum of 5 a day in preparation of saturday- I really cant stand vodka and coke, my tipple of choice is vodka and orange.
    I feel quite positive about the whole thing now cos I know I can do it!!
    Thanks again guys x
  6. Lucky7

    Lucky7 Gold Member

    The chicken cake recipe is delicious cold - you could make one and cut it into bite size pieces as a grown-ups nibble. Potato skins are good for dips (which you could make v. low syn).
    As long as you have lots of things you can nibble (and be seen to nibble on) you'll be happy (as will you diet sabateurs).
  7. edd2712

    edd2712 Member

    The fact you posted shows your really are determind - I too have a busy social few weeks coming up and I don't want to go to them Coz I want to stay focussed) - if it was up to me I would cancel the lot coz when I drink alcohol I know it's the next day that my diet suffers as all I do is eat eat eat.

    Anyway im rambling - obviously it's a kids party so you have to have nice treats there for them - try and buy the treats you don't like and fill yourself up with good stuff before the party starts so you don't pick at the bad ones - and remember we are all waiting to hear how you get on.
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