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Toying with a short return.

Hi everyone, Well I finished cambridge almost 2 months ago. My diet has now totally changed with the exception that I still eat chocolate. However, after the initial 5 lbs I put back on I have maintained my weight at around 12st 7lbs. One thing I am not happy with still is I have a few pockets of fat still around my belly and hips. Nowhere near wherer it was but still not totally gone. I am toying with the idea of doing the diet again to get to 11st, which was my original target to hopefully get rid of the fat still left. Has anyone done this? Is it a good idea? Or should I hope exercise will get rid of it over time, which I am not sure it will.
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Big H

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I think you will find it very difficult to lose more weight by conventional means. It's difficult enough (as you will know) just to maint your weight after doing a VLCD.

2 Things...

1.) If you are in control and have beaten your demaons, maybe you should just keep what you doing and hope to lose that last stone and a half over a long period of time, i.e a year, just by doing the right things

2.) If that doesn't work for you and you really are not happy and want to shift that last bit of weight, set your mind on doing CD one last time, do the diet, get it done and move on with your new healthy lifestyle

Good luck x


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You could try going on a Low GI diet. This is a food based diet in which you control your portions and eat foods that have a low gylcemic index. This sort of diet shifts belly fat because that is where high GI food fat tends to settle (i.e. beer belly). There are lots of guides and websites to help with this. Also, you need to cut the choc down to just a little square of dark -- it is a high GI food.

Hello ive returened back to CD left in september at 10.11 started back last satday pushing to reach 10.0 now.!

I have wi tomorrow but not expecting a huge loss as im at goal weight for my height and BMI. I am slim now but flabby belly people keep telling me to exercise instead of going back on CD as ive lost alot of weight.!

Just want to see for myself tomorrow.
Thanks everyone, the low GI diet is something I was also going to do. To be honest I still follow the cd diet in that I have muesli for brekkie, pasta for lunch and nimble bread and some cheese for work. My diet has changed save for the chocolate which I find very hard to give up. I think I will do the diet again for maybe 2 months to drop to 11 stones and see how much fat that leaves me with.

Good luck for tomorow Shanny and let me know how it goes. If it works for you then my mind will be made up.


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)
It sounds like a good plan. Also, like myself and Shanny -- maybe you could take up some exercise.

Exercise is my other big downfall!! Extreme shifts at work have made me lazy in that area (my own fault I know), but I must make the effort. I think CD will have to be done to shed the last of the body fat and exercise to maintain it. Now all I need is the motivation (hopefully maintaining a flat belly).

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