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Discussion in 'LL Diaries' started by tannert, 10 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    Well here I go again!

    I lost 3 stone about 4 years ago with LL, maintained for over a year then went and got a bleed on the brain and while recovering I thought sod this healthy eating Icouldve died so i'll eat what I want, check that crooked thinking lol. After putting on about 2 stone I thought wt* am I doing I need to get fit and healthy and lose this weight! I managed the getting fit, even ran half marathon in October, but no matter how hard I tried low fat, low carb, clean diet I just couldnt shift the weight so made the decision to return to LL.

    So here I am on day 5 and 7lb lighter, whoop!

    I lovethe fact that I dont needto worry about what to eat for the next couple of months.

    Not so happy that I have zero energy for any exercise but I am sure my energy levels will improve, hope so cos we signed up for bootcamp which starts Monday, I have a feeling i'm gonna be crap!

    So thats me.

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  3. X~Libby~X

    X~Libby~X Full Member

    Welcome back :) There's a few of us in the early days of restarting so you'll probably find others in the same boat with how you're feeling

  4. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    Welcome back! :) Well done on getting back to it - it's a big step to take.

    Be careful at bootcamp - this diet really doesn't allow for that much energy expenditure - please tell your trainers at the camp that you're on this diet and they'll work around it. Most importantly - have fun! :D
  5. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    Thanks both! Re bootcamp, I'm pretty fit anyway but also know that this diet will take it out of me so I will be listening very closely to my body! But hopefully I should still be able to do a bit, gotta avoid the saggy skin as much as possible lol x
  6. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    Urghhhh, got that fat feeling today, nothing fits I look disgusting grrrrr!!!
  7. X~Libby~X

    X~Libby~X Full Member

    When I get that feeling now, I remind myself that I'm doing something about it and it's not going to be very long at all until clothes are too big.

    Have a good day

  8. Curvy1

    Curvy1 Full Member

    hey we all have days like that - you are doing something positive to address it! dont beat yourself up - just think in a few weeks time you will look and feel loads better
  9. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    yes there is this, definately going in the right direction girls.

    Had another good day sticking to plan, just having 3rd pack, asparagus very nice, i've liked all packs so far so thats a bonus, much more choice than last time!

    So class tomorrow and first official weigh in, I'm excited and scared lol!

    Drama of the day, our electrics tripped so had to get the electrician in and this is a first for us, it was the conservatory socket thst had the fault - a slug had got into it and melted inside shorting out the socket lol!

    Ok, off to clean the house now.

  10. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    omg what a busy day, and its not over yet, still got to drive for 2.5 hours return trip to get daughter!

    day started off watching son play football in baltic weather conditions, followed by shopping, then mum out to lunch, she looks forward to our weekly lunch out, i had mush soup! then lighterlife class, pick up son, put shopping away, cook his tea, prepare salad for hubby for work! gosh life is busy, id better have a foodpack or 2 before i set off on the roadtrip to get daughter!

    I lost 8lb in the first week, can you believe I was dissapointed, I wanted 9 :(

    enjoyed the class, it was about time and prioroties, i havent got time to priototise lol...
  11. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    Life is indeed busy - well done for keeping on top of it!

    8 lbs is FANTASTIC!! Don't be disappointed! Your general BMI is quite low, so you aren't carrying around as much weight as for example I am - so the energy expenditure between you and I isn't quite the same, so lower losses can happen. Plus - you may not have been very naughty before you started LL (hence not having as much water weight!).

    It's all going in the right direction! :D
  12. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    yeh makes sense, thanks!

    today has been a tough day, couldnt run very far at all so my friend had to keep running then coming back for me as i was walking again, itsto be expected though and the most important thing for me at this time is to get this weight off once and for all, I can pick my fitness back up after, it was still nice to be out in the gorgeous crisp day, good for the soul at least! not looking forward to bootcamp tomorrow lousy timing, i'll just do my best concerntrate on the toning and keep the cardio low!

    Foodwise, I craved toasts crusts and gravy from the roast, but didnt give in thankfully.

    Had a nice morning with my little boy, we played cludo, made an 'eat your veg for 30 days and get a triple skylander pack' chart, did his homework, it was nice to spend a couple of hours just the 2 of us! and he ate all his veg too brocoli, green beans and cabbage whoop!

    Me and my daughter then moved the dogs kennel closer to the back door, hes getting a bit old now and i like to check on him and where it was is a bit dark, the stupid thing is a bit confused hes lying where his kennel was out in the cold, it took us most of the night to convince him his house had moved lol.

    well thats my day xx
  13. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    Day 9 - doesn't time go fast when your having fun!

    Well its D day today, boot camp starts, I am really scared, my problem is I won't want to look a prat so I will push myself even if I'm finding it hard then i'll get exhausted and collapse and everyone will go - see that diet is dangerous...... arghhh I am spiralling and thinking the worst I know but it is hard not to, I know I need to keep it low key to be safe, but I also don't want to tell the coach at the gym because they are dead against any diet that has not come from caveman days re: eat only meat, fat and veg lol!! Which of course is great so long as you doing 20 hours a week on the weights....

    Thankfully I have my best friend and sister with me so they will look after me!!

    I had a couple of bars over the weekend and don't think they agree with me, my stomach was making the most god awful noises, and although not painful it was uncomfortable - think i may give them a swerve.

    Does anyone remember if we can have squash that has malic acid instead of citric acid, it is malic acid on the water flavourings and I vaguely remember saying something about it when I was last on plan, it would make a nice change and certainly cheaper than the water flavourings?

    I realised yesterday, kinda lightbulb moment, most of my eating is mindless and not for hunger, I don't think I ever let myself get hungry with all the picking I did, and this is definately where my weight came from because I ate a very healthy diet of plenty of fish, vegetable, wholemeal rice/pasta it was the picking biscuits here, crisps there, crusts from sandwiches, a piece of cheese while making the sandwiches, nuts (cos they're healthy), leftovers - omg I just worked out how many calories all of the picking I would do on a standard day 1060 add that to my very healthy meals of 1600 calories a day and a bottle of wine 600 = 3260 erm yes that is why you are fat!! Ok so now I know where the problem is, it is just addressing the situation and finding a way of stopping this behaviour hope I get the answers on this journey too..

    Better get back to some work.

    Bye for now
  14. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    Day 10 and confused

    Well I went to boot camp last night and don't know what I was stressing about, it was fab and I kept up with everyone else without a problem, I think its because it is mostly strength training and not cardio! I loved it.....

    What I was very confused about is that I weighed 12lb lighter on their scales than I do at Lighterlife, I told them their scales must be wrong so they weighed various kettle bells on them to show me they were not, so how can Lighterlife scales be so dramatically different?? If I get to target based on Lighterlife scales I will be the same weight at the gym as my sister, which is ridiculous as she is tiny, has always been a tiny size 8 and never in all my 42 years have I been the same weight as my sister, for a start I have a bust and she doesn't lol, my bust weighs in at 10lb (don't ask, we checked lol), so I certainly cannot go by numbers, I have to go by how I feel and how my clothes are fitting me! I thought 12st 4lb start weight was a lot?!?!?! Has anyone else experienced this?

    Still doing well re foodpacks, my favourite is the carbonara, the toffee fudge bar was nice too, it didn't give me the grumbly tummy like the others.

    Here's to another day!

    Have a great day all.

    Tracy x
  15. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    How annoying, my signature won't update :(
  16. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    Day 11 - Struggling

    Don't know why but today I am struggling with "why can't i just lose weight with normal food"? arghhh

    I've got my TOTM too so maybe this is making me feel a bit crap.

    2nd night of bootcamp tonight and I am looking forward to it this time not stressing lol, its circuit training - hope theres not a lot of cardio in it though as this is what if anything I think I will struggle with on this plan.

    I've noticed that I have a few hunger pangs this week, I was wondering if it was the bars? They are lovely but wonder if they are worth it if they are causing me to feel hungry.

    Ok that is me for the mo, hope I feel better tomorrow.

  17. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    Day 13 I think! - Snow day

    Whoohooo we have snow, its kind of a double edge sword for me, we lose a lot of money in the business (taxi company) but its fun with the kids. So I am going to work half day and spend the afternoon making snow men and sledging with my beautiful children. The other worry is whether class will take place tomorrow, we could have gone for a pop in last night but I wasn't able to, I hope that its open cos I don't want to come off plan, eeek!

    All going well so far, I am still getting grumbly hunger at times, weird I didn't have any physical hunger last time I don't think I'm doing anything different - it makes it hard because I'm battling with physical and emotional hunger which is not good on this plan but I'm stubborn and sticking with it! more water and early to bed seems to help.

    Hope everyone is doing well, I shall have a scout over your threads now, I do enjoy to see how everyone is doing.

  18. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    Aww well, enjoy the snow day with the kids - it snows so rarely in the UK, it's good to savour these moments, especially before the little ones grow too old for such things! :D

    Well done on staying on plan, I hope the LLC makes it to group tomorrow and good luck with the Wi!

    I find physical hunger is much less sharp by now (I'm on day 18), so much so that it's almost non-existent. It's mostly emotional hunger - "the wants" (I just want SOMETHING just for the sake of it). If in doubt - drink something hot, it always takes an edge off whatever my stomach is complaining about!

    Have a good day! x
  19. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    The kids had a lovely day in the snow and I worked from home so all good! 7 year old having a sleepover tonight complete with chippy tea and it is using up all my strength not to devour their chips arghhhhh! Hope the carbonara is a good substitute lol!
  20. X~Libby~X

    X~Libby~X Full Member

    Poor you! I had to cook a pasta bake for my daughter and OH today and I really struggled not tasting the sauce I was making. God only knows what it tasted like. I'll have to wait for the verdict from the OH and if it was awful, it may need to be jarred sauces until this is over!

    Be strong. Managing to get through this will make you feel so empowered!

  21. tannert

    tannert Full Member

    I'm having a hissy fit today, LLC has cancelled the group session because of the weather but , we can 'pop in' to get food packs, if we can get there for that, why not the session I ask? All our main roads are clear although we have had a lot of snow but then I suppose as with Curvy if their streets are pretty bad where there has not been treatment then it makes sense, so I have asked if we will be getting another session this week to make up for it, she has not replied, we have paid for it in advance after all, and the deciding factor for me to do LL again is because the group sessions work, if we don't have one then I may as well do an online one?!?! Yep a bit annoyed I am..

    On a happy note we are taking my mum to see Ronan Keating tonight in Cardiff, my sis and I got her the tickets as a Christmas present, she is very excited - the things you have to endure for your mums lol, last year it was Oli Murs, but I even have to admit it was quite good. Mum and Sis are going for food while I now pop in to class then we will all go for coffee and while they have cake I will have a bar, thank god my mum is tea total and my sister is on dry January so no temptation of the ol' vino...

    Plan going to plan and feeling quite good today with a spring in my step so onwards and downwards.


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