Trafford centre


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I'm off to the Trafford centre today, having a consultation for laser eye surgery. Been wearing glasses since I was 6 an fed up with them now lol. So it's the 1st step ton the new me!!

Anyway my question is, where can I eat that's within syns? Is there a jacket spud place or something along those lines?
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There is a jacket potato place on the right in the food court (if you stand with the shops behind you facing out to the car parks). Otherwise, sushi is quite low syns or you could look up syns in Nando's - there must be a few threads on that here too. Hope you have a good time and the consultation goes well.

Gail x


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Why don't you check the Trafford centre website easting out list and go from there...


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I had the same problem, there is a chinese takeaway type place ( next to jacket spud place) near where the mcd's and kfc are lol. I had the chicken fried rice and you get loads! The spud place is minging! Next to the chinese is an indian so you might be able to get a low syn curry there.


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There is a "RICE" upstairs that do some dishes with boiled rice, so that might be worth looking up.