traing for a 10k run on lt


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well as added motivation i have signed up for a 10k run in may. has anyone else done any form of major exercise whilst on lt and how did they cope? im hoping i will be fine as i used to be a runner and last did this race in 07. im so worried about lose skin that i have decided to exercise and diet together as this is susposed to be better for the skin and will help it shrink as i lose weight
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wow... just thinking about that makes me hurt - lol.
personally i couldn't even manage to make it up three floors of stairs at work this week, but then i am still very, very fat/unfit.
good luck. (sorry that wasn't much help, was it?)


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I was going the gym 3 times a week before i started lipotrim, 1hr cardio and 1hr light weights for toning after the 1st week on this diet i couldn't do the cardio and didn't feel like the weights so gave up until im off this diet. i just felt so drained trying to exercise.

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Training for a run may be a bit intense. You must remember that this diet has only 450 cals a day and this is just enough to keep your body ticking over. If you over exercise you are in danger of putting your body into starvation mode which means that you will stop losing weight as your body will try and retain the limited energy it has.
It depends also on how active you have been prior to LT so it os best to ask your pharmacist about it.


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The pharmacist told me that its best not to exercise whilst on LT because at the end of the day, we are only on 400 or so calories per day so you could collapse. I have been told that to do exercise you'd want to be taken in carbs.

Having said that, i have been tired on lt and have not much energy and personally i really despise exercise anyway. lol!!!


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i too am training for a 10 mile run....tbh ive found they both dont go hand in hand with one another, you just get too exhausted. i love doing the cardio and weight training but thats enough..any long distances and my body just says nooo, cant do it and i flag very quickly. this is why ive decided to go back to eating whilst im training. i managed to double my output within a few days. says it all really

h xx